You Take a Cup of Lead?

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A study reveals the excessive presence of toxic metals in most teas, especially harmful to pregnant or lactating women. Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to toxic metals present in tea.

 You-Take-a-Cup- of-Lead

Aluminum, arsenic and lead in tea! This is revealed by Canadian researchers from the University of Alberta who have measured the heavy metal content of thirty teas of all kinds – Oolong, black, green, white, organic or not – found in supermarket as shop Dietetic . However, not to worry or become intoxicated … except for pregnant or lactating women.

September teas ten indeed contain too much lead for pregnant women. Infused three to four minutes, 73% higher concentrations recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Infused fifteen minutes, then they are 83% to be unfit for consumption moms. And drink three or four cups of tea per day for pregnant or lactating cause excess lead for the baby, a real poison for the brain. A child or fetus is proportionally more vulnerable to lead an adult, especially as his nervous system is rapidly developing and has a higher gastrointestinal absorption.

Lead, A Health Scourge

Excessive concentration of lead in drinking tea as widespread as surprised the researchers. Lead poisoning – poisoning or – is a real public health problem that can cause, among other things, reduced IQ, behavioral disorders or epilepsy.

Faced with this global problem, Western countries have worked to reduce the presence of the offending metal in paint, gasoline or water pipes. The WHO has established maximum tolerable weekly doses but through research, these thresholds are constantly rejected, because the poison is even at low doses. Canadian scientists of this study demonstrate that daily threshold to consider a fetus is 0.5 microgram per liter and the acceptable threshold for an adult of 15 micrograms per liter.

More lead in Chinese Teas

However, with a liter of tea, three to four cups per day, the level of exposure varies from 0.1 to 4.39 micrograms per liter, which must be added the lead released by the cup porcelain or enamel lead content in water (here the researchers took deionized water). These levels are dangerous for pregnant women, the researchers said, and acceptable for adults provided to pay attention to other sources of lead inevitable daily (water, other foods, some dietary supplements …).

According to the study, it is mostly Chinese Oolong teas are most concentrated – the pollution generated by the central Chinese coal could be involved, this hypothesis remains to be verified – followed by ordinary black tea. Organic white tea, ‘s India or Sri Lanka have, themselves, the lowest concentration of lead. But, in general, organic teas seem no less polluted lead.

Continue to drink green tea?

Other metals are present in tea: beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese and phosphorus, as well as other heavy metals considered toxic as aluminum, present at levels too high in a tea out of five. The researchers recommend not to exceed three minutes of infusion, because the more the tea infuses, plus its aluminum content increases. It is the same for arsenic, cadmium or cesium, toxic found in almost all teas in acceptable amounts but increase with duration of infusion. And, again, organic teas do not seem to be immune: two of them, green tea infused long, are among the most polluted aluminum.

These results do not call into question the many benefits of green tea, the researchers said. Cardiovascular benefits, anti-cancer effects, modulation of diabetes or anti-infectious properties are largely proven through extensive research. However, pregnant and lactating women would be wise to suspend or limit their use to protect their baby and the rest of the population should be vigilant about the accumulation of different sources of lead exposure: tap water and containers used in particular.

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