Yards and Challenges of the Next Four Years of Angela Merkel

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If the health of the German economy is undeniable, the Chancellor will include involvement in social and energy issues.


Germany is better, Angela Merkel repeated throughout his campaign. “Even if everything has not been resolved,” she added as quickly. The Chancellor four years before her. Leading economic power on the continent, Germany is faced with structural challenges it will resolve to take its place on the international scene.

Maintain the Country’s Economic Strength

The strength of German exports could become a weakness if it does not take care: the trade balance is in surplus, a sign of good health of its economy but also its dependence vis-à-vis external markets. To maintain its position, Germany is betting investment and research. But this means improving its training system. The German labor market today needs skilled labor. The use of immigration is a solution, but not the only one. “Before we talk about immigration, we should give our young people a second chance,” Merkel said Saturday citing those leaving school without qualifications German.

Correct Social Inequalities

The German economic success came at the cost of increasing inequality. Unemployment fell “but the labor market has not expanded,” says Will we the union side. The part-time jobs or mini-jobs have multiplied. During the campaign, a social theme has emerged: the creation of a minimum wage. The SPD wanted to establish by law. Angela Merkel wants to give control back to the social partners to negotiate by sector and region.

Prepare the Demographic Shift

Germany age. The next government will have to anticipate demographic shock is coming. The association “Young Entrepreneurs”, quoted by Focus magazine, asks politicians to develop an “Agenda 2050” to preserve the country’s competitiveness. The age of retirement is now set to 67. Policymakers are also concerned a long-term impoverishment of part of the population: the casualization of the labor market threatens the level of long-term pension.

Continue on the path of European integration

With a legitimacy that no other European leader does not share, it is up to Angela Merkel to say a project for the European Union. This site is of particular interest to France. At the Elysee, it is expected that Germany finally accelerates the implementation of a banking union. Berlin, anxious to spare its regional banks, reluctant to place its facilities under the control of a European supervisor. Paris also hopes to move forward on the subject of European redemption fund, which would relieve the burden of debt in some European countries. But Angela Merkel reiterated her opposition to debt mutualisation. She said that the German solidarity would be effective in exchange for reforms from the European partners. The condition for progress on European integration is the establishment of new rules . This is why Germany has not abandoned the idea of ​​a change in European treaties.

To Achieve the Energy Transition

In deciding in 2011, after the disaster of Fukushima , phase out nuclear power, Merkel had unanimously. But today, the implementation of the energy transition is criticized. While green energy is heavily subsidized, the price of energy has risen sharply. Contractors worry. Energy is also unevenly distributed. Germany lack of infrastructure to route power to the main consumption points.

Reform the System of Equalization Between Regions

In February 2013, two states, Bavaria and Hesse, lodged a complaint with the Constitutional Court against the equalization system between the German regions. Today, six Länder redistribute resources to poorer regions such as in the former East Germany. The next government will have to reform the system of equalization to avoid the discontent of the richest regions will spread.

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