Xbox One Test Players!

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Microsoft, which launched his third home console Friday must still be forgiven his wanderings communication. The public will not pass him nothing.


Never Microsoft has never been so anxious. While launching its new console Friday the Xbox One , the giant big plays in his duel with remote PlayStation. fact is, each generation change machine sees redistributed cards. At this crucial time, serenity is never the daily builders. Microsoft is no exception to the rule, but it has done nothing to reassure.

Communication around its Microsoft Xbox One was anything but a cakewalk. Just announced, a Microsoft executive takes the foot in the carpet revealing the permanent and binding connection. Anger on social networks, Xbox One inherits a deficit of trust with players who leaden. The worst rumors about the next console from Microsoft, the public imagines Kinect 2 Big Brother and sees the connection obligations imposed as a prohibition to lend and sell games. “The communication was difficult at the start, but we have taken into account all the returns which had been made ​​by consumers since we reviewed our copy,” explains Hugues Ouvrard, Marketing Director Xbox France .

“Run Background”

A few weeks after a disastrous E3, Microsoft makes a surprising reversal of course : more compulsory connection for gaming (Xbox One requires a mandatory update on first launch), the loan and resale are possible. Calm returns and Microsoft relishes. “The weakness was to say we do not listen to consumers, says the French leader. We are the challengers.” U.S. firm finds his ambition and expects dispute the supremacy of the next-gen PlayStation and Nintendo .

If manufacturers are careful to communicate precisely on preorders, the latest leaks indicate that the war between the PS4 and Xbox One was tighter than expected. “The battle between the two consoles in a generation, this is not a 100 meters, it is not only the first two months of marketing. This is a race to the bottom that will last maybe 7 or 8 years we consider that this running, we are better equipped when it is not just a games console, “Hugues Ouvrard analysis.

“We challenger”

On paper, the Xbox One promises total control console voice through Kinect 2, a multitasking operating system that allows video chat via Skype while continuing to play or watch VOD or even TV deals through the console. The One, understand one box for every family entertainment, so continues the strategic orientation towards entertainment broadly interfered by Microsoft when Kinect 2.

But before large audiences to attract that target priority services, those are the players who will rush to consoles in the first weeks. And those are the available titles will decide between the two competing models. From this point of view, it is the Xbox One who wins with greater choice and variety that the PS4. “We challenger, but each passing day proves that we are on the right direction,” said Hugues Ouvrard. It will not be long to know the answer, since the competing Xbox One fate next week. More than ever, the Battle of the Next-Gen looks exciting.

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