World 2022 : An Amnesty International Report Confirms the Exploitation of Workers in Qatar

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World 2022 : An Amnesty International Report Confirms the Exploitation of Workers in Qatar

FOOTBALL – The NGO has published an alarming report on the working conditions …

Amnesty International has denounced the operation “alarming” of migrant workers in Qatar and called the country to seize the opportunity of the World -2022 it organizes to prove his respect for human rights.

In a report released Sunday at a press conference in Doha, the advocacy organization Human Rights also urged FIFA to put pressure on the wealthy emirate gas that improves conditions for foreign workers , mostly Asian .

“Our findings show an alarming operating in the construction sector in Qatar level,” said Secretary General of Amnesty International, Salil Shetty, on the occasion of the publication of the organization , ” The appearance dark migration : spotlight on the construction sector in Qatar before the World Cup . ”

Private workers pay

“It is simply inexcusable that so many immigrant workers are ruthlessly exploited and deprived of their salary in one of the world’s richest countries,” he added. The report estimates that the exploitation of workers ” is similar in some cases to forced labor .” ” Fifa has a duty to send a strong message that it will not tolerate violations of human rights on projects related to the World Cup ” football , he has said.

“We met with officials ( Qatar ) , who were willing to recognize that there is a problem (…) ” and are ready to ” find solutions,” said Shetty. Qatar , engaged in an ambitious project of several billion dollars to host the World Cup- 2022, was the target of a campaign by the foreign media and NGOs , accusing him of exploiting workers on these sites. Many would even died in recent months .

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