Why the Time of Arrival is Smartwatch

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Samsung has unveiled its smart watch, the Galaxy Gear, Wednesday, September 4 in Berlin (Germany). The South Korean manufacturer is Sony and tickle on almost virgin market dominated by the Japanese, and launches war Smartwatchs.

But other manufacturers may invite themselves into battle in the coming months. Google recently confirmed that he bought in 2012, Wimm Labs specialist watches connected. Another strong contender: Apple. Rumors about a product Apple brand have increased since that she filed the name iWatch in several countries. And Microsoft have a product already in the testing phase, according to the specialized site Generation NT . In short, large groups will engage in a new battle to hang your wrists. FranceTV info explains why the time of smartwatch arrived.

Why the Time of Arrival is Smartwatch The Technology is Developed

Galaxy Gear is not the first smart watch presented by Samsung. In 1999, the manufacturer was one of the first to propose, said the specialized site ZDnet . Since then, other brands have tried it. But they faced several problems. The main residing in low battery. For example, the first model from Samsung is allowed to call for 90 minutes. Ten years later, in 2009, the brand offers a new, stronger, but still offer 4 hours of autonomy. The Samsung Galaxy Gear has a range of a day in normal use. The other main obstacle lay in the possibility of previous smartwatchs: they offered only a few multimedia options.

The latest watches placed on the market have many features . They allow you to call to access your SMS, your e-mails and control your smartphone. In short, they complement each other, as is already the Sony smartwatch . The Samsung Galaxy Gear is in fact a Bluetooth device for the latest generation of Samsung phones.

“This is a golf game quite natural for manufacturers, after the wave of smartphones. Battle now covers products satellites that will take over mobile phones”, told Challenges Philippe Torres, director of the Council Strategy and Digital Atelier BNP Paribas.

Personal Measurement is Booming

A watch connected will not only allow you to imitate David Hasselhoff in the 2000 K series. With it, you can indulge in the quantified self . As already explained FranceTV info , this is a new practice of recording his sports data, domestic, those relating to health, mood, and even sexual activity. It was popularized by connected devices such as the Jawbone Up wristband, the Nike Fuelband or bracelet Fitbit. The latter, already used by 6 million people around the world, is almost everything, walking routes, number of floors climbed, quality of sleep, number of calories consumed and expended …

Objective quantified self: take care of his body and improve his health. And practice “can move from good intentions to real strategy efforts,” said Le Figaro Emmanuel Gadenne, author of Practical Guide quantified self. Better manage his life, his health, productivity.

The smartwatchs, real minicomputers worn next to the skin, may well be a place of choice in this field booming: the Samsung Galaxy Gear, for example, ships including a pedometer and an accelerometer. Besides the smartwatch is a tool of choice for the quantified self as practiced in network, to compare its performance with those of his friends or with national averages, regional. This accompanies the movement known as e-health where smartphones are used for medical purposes, as this application measures the sugar of diabetics, or project mini-programs make urine tests .

The Market is Juicy

By 2014, orders smartwatchs should be multiplied by ten. According to analysts Canalys (in English), after 330,000 sales in 2012, they could go from 500,000 in 2013 to 5,000,000 next year. “smartwatchs The new category will be the largest consumer electronics since iPad defined the tablet market, “the firm. For its part, Juniper Research estimates that 36 million smartwatchs should be sold in 2018, reports Le Figaro . As the global watch market, it is estimated at 45 billion euros.

Connected with watches, manufacturers will benefit from an additional lever to keep the user in their environment. For example, in its infancy, the Galaxy Gear will be used with Samsung mobile. According to the South Korean agency Yonhap , that is “loyal users of its brand and attract users of other brands to its products.”

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