What Should You Eat to have Beautiful Muscles?

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The secret to beautiful muscles, are proteins. Meat, eggs, cheese. Where to find these essential components in the power sports?
“To increase muscle mass, increase the consumption of protein,” said Dr. Marie-France Oprendek, nutritionist INSEP. “We consume an average of 0.8 g per kilogram per day (48 g per day for a 60 kg woman). When consumption is lower than our needs, then the body draws from its own reserves, and background muscle mass, “she says.

 The Original Protein

Sports food “Protein contains amino acids, essential for our body. There are eight essential that we do not know how to make, and if a lack of the eight, the whole machine is disturbed. Animal proteins are very good quality and used directly for building muscle, while most plant proteins are deficient in one or two essential amino acids.’s why it is very important to vary your diet and eat at least two servings of protein to different backgrounds every day, “says the doctor.

Protein intake associated with sports activity can increase muscle mass and decrease their fat. But muscles can integrate, it is important to consume carbohydrates (starches, bread) during the same meal. The energy produced and used in the digestion of proteins and muscle function and will not be stored.

The Best Foods

Red Meat: Iron-Rich

Red and white meats have the same protein intake, but red meat is rich in iron, an essential component of hemoglobin, which is essential for the proper functioning of muscles and the body in general.

Eggs: Source of Amino Acids

Eggs are rich in high quality protein (it contains almost all amino acids). They can completely replace meat or fish. However, it should not consume more than three or four times a week because the yolk is rich in cholesterol.

Cottage Cheese: Protein Concentrate

From the drained curd cottage cheese contains more protein than milk. It is also an excellent source of calcium, essential for muscle contraction.

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