West Bank: Netanyahu Cancels Construction of 20,000 Housing

Posted on Nov 13 2013 - 8:53am by Admin

Israeli Prime Minister ordered the cancellation on Tuesday the launch of a tender record for building 20,000 housing units in West Bank settlements. The project was strongly condemned by the United States and the international community.


The project had raised “concern” of Washington and criticism of the Palestinians, who had expressed a willingness to put an end to peace talks if Israel did not come back on these decisions. Netanyahu canceled the construction of 20,000 housing provided in the West Bank . “The prime minister has ordered the Minister of Housing Uri Ariel to reconsider all actions concerning planning (these units) taken without prior coordination,” said a statement Tuesday from the Prime Minister’s Office issued late Tuesday.

“This initiative does not contribute to the settlement Instead, she wears her wrong It’s a useless gesture -.. Legally and in practice – an action that causes an unnecessary confrontation with the international community at the time where we try to persuade members of the community to achieve a better agreement with Iran, “criticized Netanyahu, strongly criticizing the Minister of Housing owned by a far-right party, the Jewish homeland, very near the settler lobby.

Nine Months to Reach a Peace Agreement

Uri Ariel has granted the request of the Prime Minister, the statement said. The announcement of the project planning 20,000 homes of settlers in the West Bank by the Ministry of Housing had raised “concern” of Washington and criticism of the Palestinians. It was the effect of a bomb as Israel and the United States are at loggerheads over the Iranian nuclear issue, the first accusing the latter want to enter at all costs a “bad deal” with Tehran.

Peace negotiations on creating a Palestinian state have resumed in mid-August in Jerusalem with the support of Secretary of State . John Kerry was given nine months to Israelis and Palestinians to reach an agreement on thorny issues as the borders, the status of Jerusalem and the fate of Palestinian refugees. Discussions are scheduled at regular intervals.

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