Victor Dubuisson: “I hope to play on the PGA Tour next year … “

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INTERVIEW – After celebrating his victory with all other present French in Turkey this weekend, with great blows jets of Champagne including, Cannes has played the game of question and answer in a press conference. Informative!


What mood are you from this historic victory Turkish Airlines Open?

I still can not realize that I’ve won a tournament of this caliber. Tiger (Woods), Stenson, Justin Rose … They were all fighting with me during the last lap. I am therefore very proud of what I did because it was certainly the most difficult day of my young career as a professional golfer. I played very well the first nine holes. Despite the fact that I was yet struggling on the greens. On this course, play with is always a good result but when you have players on your tail level or Tiger Henrik Stenson, it is not enough. Even with five shots ahead. So, on the back, I made every effort to sign as possible birdies. And then there was this super important putt at 17 (birdie). This is one of the putts that allows you to go from dream to reality.

This achievement puts you in Turkey in the World Top 40 (39 exactly), it also opens a lot of doors. And you will certainly receive an invitation to the Masters. Can you tell us what it means to you?

I did not know all that (smiles). Play the Masters is obviously a dream. If I fight the Masters next year, it will be huge. But it is true that you tell me? I enter the world top 40?


I do not know. Sincerely. I did not know that I could make such a leap forward (Editor’s note, starting from the Turkish Airlines Open, Victor Dubuisson was 108th in the world). It’s great what you tell me here!

What was the hardest part for you in this fourth and final round? You fight against yourself or to fight against players like Tiger, Henrik Stenson and Justin Rose?

I fight against myself! I am very proud of how it happened. I was quite difficult to play shots, I managed quite important putts for par, and that putt on 17, I come back, this is the kind of putt that makes you win a big tournament. But I’m not crazy like this exercise ten meters from the target, a left-right … And finally, it was at the bottom. I take it as a sign. It took me a little bit of luck. And this little twist of fate helps you to win this tournament.

The presence of Raphael Jacquelin in your game you she helped? You Has it helped you transcend a little more?

He encouraged me a lot on the last hole. But we must still not forget that he was fighting with me at the beginning of the 4th round. At this point, it has not helped me too. Of late, however, it came to me, especially on the last three holes. It was valuable because I tend, in these times, to contain me, especially when I feel the stress and pressure over me. Here, the ability to speak several times with Raphael was really a plus.

This success in a tournament Final Series will he get you next year to play more often elsewhere on the European Tour? Your status has totally changed now, you know?
Want to know if I will play for example on the PGA Tour?

Yes, for example!

I confirm. I do not know yet what this victory allows me to do now but being in the top 40, my schedule will most certainly change. It’s obvious. I will focus on the big tournaments, I will also very likely to change the way I train. I go and play some more tournaments, making many more trips, long trips sometimes … So this winter, I think I’ll prepare myself for it. I also train a lot.

Have you ever played in the United States?

Not. Ever on the PGA Tour. But I hope it will be possible next year, benefiting for example one or two invitations. It will be like a dream!

Will you still in South Africa for the start of the 2014 season on the European Tour?

Want to know if I’ll play the Alfred Dunhill Championship (November 28-December 1)? After the World Cup (Editor’s note, he will defend Australia colors of France with Gregory Bourdy), I think I’ll play the Dunhill, yes. I do not know what my schedule. I do not know for example if I’ll be able to play the Nedbank (December 5-8 in Sun City) … But I know I’ll play more events in South Africa because I love this part of the world. I take this opportunity to visit this country and why not spend some holidays between some tournaments.

How do you see the week begins and that will take you to Dubai for the final of the Race?

I can not wait to play the final. It is a journey that I enjoy. And then when I wake up tomorrow, and I finally have realized that I won a big tournament on the European Tour, I would certainly have taken a little more confidence in me. I’m looking forward to the driving range, on Tuesday in Dubai.

Before you leave, what are your heroes in golf?

My hero? Sunday, on the course, there was my hero before me (laughs). In fact, they were both playing in front of me (Editor’s note, this is of course Tiger Woods and Henrik Stenson, the current leader of the Race to Dubai and won the FedEx Cup).

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