Traditional Reiki, Meeting Between Relaxation and Meditation

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Reiki is a Japanese method of personal fulfillment founded in the early twentieth century by MikaoUsui, meditation master. To translate “strength of mind”, Reiki helps to (re) connect to itself and thus achieve a deep meditative relaxation … A way to relax but also to find solutions to its own problems. Reflections on a practice still unknown.


Reiki: What is it?

Reiki is a Japanese practice combining relaxation and meditation. It aims “to assist any person of his malaise to its sustainable wellness” explains Christian Mortier, professor of Traditional Reiki to Reiki Institute . Founded in the early twentieth century by MikaoUsui (1865-1926), Japanese meditation teacher, Reiki translates into French as “the power of the mind.” This method of personal growth based on a simple principle that “well-being of human beings depends on itself,” says Christian Mortier.

What Looks Like a Reiki Session?

A Reiki session lasts about an hour. During the first session, a mandatory interview takes place between the practitioner and consultant to know the motivations of the latter as well as their.

Expectations vis-a-vis the Reiki.

Then come the time of the Reiki session itself. Consultant is dressed grows, close your eyes and let go and do nothing. The practitioner, he begins to feel slightly a few specific points on the body Consultant (on the head, shoulders, stomach, legs and feet …), two to three minutes per item, while practicing a specific meditation. It is through the combination of this meditation and contact with these few key points that relaxation can take place. “The consultant then enters his own meditative resonance, which allows access to solutions that had him to solve their problems. Reiki reconnects the consultant himself and help solve their problems with what he has in him and not with external solutions, “says Christian Mortier. That is why during a Reiki session, you will not find incense or relaxing music session takes place in silence in order to facilitate the connection with yourself.

At the end of the session, the practitioner gives the consultant a year to achieve in order to help him to be independent between visits. A discussion is also recommended at the end of the meditation between the practitioner and consultant. “Reiki can cause strong emotions in the consultant. It may start to cry, to feel upset after meditation. That is why it is important to communicate his feelings at the end of the session, “says the professor.

Reiki, What is it for?

“Everyone” says Christian Mortier. “Among my consultants, I have no typical profile. This can go from doctor to businessman passing by the employee or the engineer. “Often, followers of Reiki are people who previously tested psychoanalysis, meditation, yoga … and try that they have not found through these practices to get better . “Generally, consultants come and say” For me, life has no meaning, all my beliefs have collapsed, “our goal is then to help them reconnect with themselves and unlock solutions that they have in them. “

However, Reiki is cons-indicated in some specific cases, such as depression, severe psychosis or schizophrenia. “During the first visit, we normally request a medical certificate, as in these cases, it is very difficult to support the consultants.”

How to Find a Reliable Master of Reiki?

“Of all the practitioners, there are 99% of charlatans!” Warns Christian Mortier. And for good reason: “MikaoUsui, meditation master Japanese founder of Reiki formalized this practice in 1922. He died four years later, without having the time to let the writing operation of Reiki.

“Everyone then grabbed the practice has revamped his way and ended up calling it the Reiki. To prevent these abuses, Christian Mortier has developed the Reikibunseki label, respecting the practice of Traditional Reiki and founded the Institute for Reiki offering programs ranging from one to three years to specialize in the art of Reiki.

To ensure the seriousness of a Reiki master, ask him about his training, the duration thereof and the presence or absence of label Reikibunseki. “It is the requirement of training that usually made ​​the right practitioner “says Christian Mortier.

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