Top 10 World’s Most Dangerous Roads

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These expeansive, unkempt roadways twist and turn through treacherous mountaintops, they stretch out endlessly across great deserts and marshlands in rarely visited corners of the earth. If you are planning a family road trip, avoid these roads no matter why.

Worlds Most Dangerous Roads

  • North Yungas Road, Bolivia


Considered the most dangerous road in the world, this road has no guardrails, light turns, and a single lane, no wider than 10 ft! these  harrowing conditions, mixed with unsafe driving inevitably lead disaster.

  1. 1.       Length: 43 miles
  2. 2.       Elevation: 11,811 ft
  3. 3.       Descent: 2,624ft
  4. 4.       Average Casualties: 200-300 year
  5. 5.       Accidents:  20/year many are buses



  • Dalton Highway, Alaska

Originally built in 1974 as a supply route for the trans Alaska pipeline, it now serves as major through way from Fairbanks to dead horse,  a small community on the arctic ocean


  1. 1.       Length:414 miles
  2. 2.       Gravel road with enormous potholes
  3. 3.       Minimum visibility,
  4. 4.       Headlights Always on
  5. 5.       Average Temps sub-zero 6 months

  • Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

Built by guoliang villagers in the mid 1970s, it is the only means of connection between their village high in the taihang mountains and the rest of the world. It was opened in 1977 after a 5-year construction

  1. 1.       Length:2,632ft
  2. 2.       Height: 15ft
  3. 3.       Width: 13ft

Carved by hand by 13 villagers, hundreds of feet above the ground

  • Trollstigen, Norway

This massive mountain road is probably the most daunting looking road in the world. It zigzags up an intensely steep mountainside, sporadic and random in its path to the top.

  1. 1.       Length: 3.73 miles
  2. 2.       Elevation: 2,814 ft
  3. 3.       Steepest Grade: 9%
  4. 4.       Hairpin Turns : 11

Trucks longer tean 40 ft not allowed

  • Sichuan Tibet Highway, China

This extremely long highway passes through many ancient forests, treks acrodd countless treacherous mountain ranges, and shows travelers the beauty, danger, and expansiveness of the Tibetan plateau.

  1. 1.       Average Elevation: 15000ft.
  2. 2.       Mountains Crossed :14
  3. 3.       Length: 1500 miles
  4. 4.       Danger: Land slides


  • The A682 Road, England

The worst road in all of England , this narrow, single lane road through the countryside has been the home to much carnage and many fatalities

  1. 1.       Length:14 miles
  2. 2.       Average Casualties per year: 10
  3. 3.       Average Accidents: 7.3 k Per year

Favorite of speeding motorcyclists

  • Patiopoulo Perdikaki Road, Greece

A very busy dirt/gravel road that is te home of many accidents and fatalities in Greece each year. Farmers, livestock, automobiles, and bicyclists all use the road , and this odd mixture can lead to devastating consequences.


  1. 1.       Steep drops on both sides of the road
  2. 2.       Loose gravel, no stopping traction
  3. 3.       Narrow road , high traffic volume


  • Sp-230, Brazil

This is the section of BR-116 that connects Sao Paulo and Curitiba, it is the most Dangerous stretch of the nation’s second longest highway, and was nicknamed  :Rodovia da Morte: by the locals because of its high volume of traffic accidents.

  1. 1.       Length: 253 Miles
  2. 2.       Highest Frequency of accidents in Brazil
  3. 3.       Poorly maintained, many potholes
  4. 4.       Danger: Bandits stopping and lloting cars


  • Common Wealth AVE : Philipines

The largest highway in the Philippines it is in Quezon city, metro manila and expands to as wide as 18 lanes. Locals, because of the frequency of accidents, have dubbed it “ The Killer Highway”

  1. 1.       Average casualties: 10 per month
  2. 2.       Length: 7.7 miles
  3. 3.       Poor signage throughout
  4. 4.       Average accidentsL 10 per week
  • Kolyma Highway, Russia

Initiallt constructed in the stalin era, this road that connects magdan with the arctic town of Yakutsk, is very dangerous to navigate in the winter. But even more in the summer…..

  1. 1.       Length: 1,180 miles
  2. 2.       Summer: Heavy Rain causes mud pits, trapping cars
  3. 3.       Danger: Bandits looting cars stuck in mud
  4. 4.       Winter: -50f black ice, snow, low visibility

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