Top 10 Little Things that we can not Escape Christmas

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Every year it is the same story: pumpkins just dislodged from windows, is the other bearded red which brings with her hut PVC and traditions lot of more or less pleasant. No need to hide or try to escape, the principle of tradition is that it catches up with you, whatever happens. Tino Rossi is stronger than you. 10 things that come back every year and are part of the table noelesque. (Updated December 2013)


1. Civil war to decide decorating the tree

Generally, it thickens when Theodore, this little spoiled, really wants to hang her wreath noodles.

2. A month in which you live in Versailles

Wasting electricity is bad, but losing the competition lighting in the area is the lose.

3.CD of Christmas carols sung by a choir of castrated your grandfather love, because he no longer hears the ultrasonic

But you, yes. It’s official, the music can have a repellent effect.

4. The “oh, you should not!” the least sincere of the year

Auntie has not understood that you no longer fourteen, and she’d better slip you sorrel rather than clothes for the Secours Populaire. Go, Merry Christmas.

5. The agony of your credit card

See number 7. And the letter from the bank to warn you that this is not the time gifts for everyone, who also is part of the tradition.

6. Tryptic foie gras / salmon / oyster

Every year we say we should change and innovate a bit. But suddenly you’re afraid to say that it would not really be Christmas.

7. The conquest of tiles by an army of snowmen plastic

The cousins ​​still had Playmobil.

8. Return to table the yucky ice log, the coup de grace

Yes the one with the little green dwarf saw a toothpick into chocolate and fir plastic that Granny is going to want to eat anyway.

9. The joke uncle on the same dwarf found on the same buche

“And you know why he smiled dwarf? Because he knows he will soon be sucked.” You have to escape that a Belgian, an American and a black which are in a plane …

10. The rolling out of table on his stomach on the verge of implosion

You will take a Ferrero well? And do it again tomorrow. So a nice 2 on the scale despite the high resolutions last year. You have six months to shake her ass. Fortunately Christmas falls not in July, huh.

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