Top 10 Life Situations in Which a Good Bluff can Save the Day

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The charm of poker is based, according to Game Theory , the information asymmetry. You know your cards instead of your opponents. You go all out to induce your opponents into error and force them to lie down despite the weakness of your game This is the principle of the bluff. A formidable weapon which also applies in the life of every day, or how to bluff can save your skin.

Top-10-Life-Situations-in-Which-a-Good-Bluff-can-Save- the-Day

1. During a job interview

“I’ll be honest with you, I received some very interesting proposals.”

Nice try. Play competition is the basis for a successful negotiation. Beware though, seeing the white one and a half in your resume, your potential future employer could be touched by the idea that you are you doing a little bit of his mouth.

2. When a fight is looming

“Be careful, I did taekwondo in my youth.”

Bluff “martial arts” is perhaps the most difficult to handle because it requires adding a few details to be credible. For example, “I have my 3rd flake karate” is a bluff missed. Not to take risk, discuss your stay in prison in Mexico, brass knuckles that you may have stashed in your pants, or your dealings with the Ministry of Interior. In doubt your opponent will pinball and retract. If not, too bad for you.

3. During a police check

“You count me verbalize with this non-regulatory pen? At your own risk …”

Show Code of Procedure of the National Police has no secret for you and at the slightest misstep, the police officer may be found on the straw. For cons, the classic “give me your Service”, it no longer works. As for “I’m home,” this is not a bluff, it’s suicide.

4. When you launch your half “you know what day it is?”

“Sure … and wait patiently for a nice surprise!”

Big bluff: you could defuse the grenade immediately explaining with your job, all that, it was you out of my mind. You would have suffered a good scolding and never spoke more. There, wanting to save time, you start the countdown and the next few hours, you’ll hook a reservation at a mega-class restaurant, you find a very dear gift and have prepared an unforgettable speech. You’re in the shit.

5. When the oral Bac

“Kafka had this bon mot: ‘Chtel bych pokracovat dobre kase v’, and I think that sums up this case …”

Above all, we must remember that this technique is valid for all types of oral examination. Here the bluff is king, the only golden rule is that you should never, o ever, again. Example: You receive a question about an author whose do not even know you name, correct immediately the teacher on the pronunciation “I think it says ‘Tolstéi’ in his country …”. Then, without giving him time to put one, engage immediately with a completely invented story about the youth of the author. Then push open doors with great confidence, “We must get back into the context of the time, it has greatly shocked!” Is a 13/20 ensured minimum.

6. If you forgot your checkbook restaurant

“Boy, I found a fly in my soup!”

Have your breakfast on the table book “Notes – Michelin Guide” and you demand to speak to the chef. There is a small chance that you offer your meal and a clerk to take a big soap in your eyes. And there is also a distinct possibility that you spend the rest of your evening doing the dishes under the supervision of staff of the armed establishment of sharp knives. To see if you are a real player.

7. When you dredge

“Stephanie, right? Not? Cecile? … Note me your name somewhere with a number, I’ll call you if I have time …”

You do not have the right cards? You are the only one to know. Feign indifference is a tactic like any other, even if being honest, we must admit that it’s not enough. Suggest that you are in great demand on your outings could arouse curiosity, but in general, this is the best way to get only keeping a certain dignity. It is always better than nothing.

8. When you negotiate an overdraft with your bank

“I’m on a VERY big deal …”

Attention, you’re certainly not the first to try to convince your banker that prudence is actually scared and if they had a little more in the belly, we would all be millionaires. “What you call a ‘discovered’, I call it an ‘investment’ very profitable, the ball is in your court. ” Rely on some daring parallel explain that Mark Zuckerberg has also pulled the devil by the tail for a few months and he might regret his whole life not to advance some unfortunate euros. With that, you leave the office without looking behind you. You win a week’s respite. Now stop spending your money anyhow.

9. When facing the “physio” at the entrance to a “private party”

“I know the boss …”

If the bouncer is skeptical, dangle a name at random, “I was invited by Angelo” statistically, there is 73% chance that the organizers of the evening is called Angelo. For larger Bluffers, a colorful wig, holding a 100% leather and exotic accent, go right ahead, smack kiss the guy at the door, “Heeey, there’s always okay … the world tonight ? “and enter without hesitation mark. We will not lie to you: risky strategy.

10. During a game of scrabble

“Seriously? You’ll check the dictionary if ‘kwez’ it exist?”

If you look not back the ignorance of your playmate, “you have the right not to be mounted in DIY, but even a 5 year old has already served a kwez piston … But go ahead and check, do spend time everyone … “, with a little luck, you liquiderez your crappy letters in one shot. Do not do it at every turn, can bluff once thousand people, you know the rest.

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