Top 10 Intelligence Agencies of 2013

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Intelligence agencies play an imperative role in the smooth governance of a country. They are mandatory for a country, liable to cumulate, examine and desecrate data and intelligence. This data is in turn helpful in reinforcement of law, national security, defense systems and foreign policy targets. Methods of data collection may vary and include both the covert and overt techniques. Some of these techniques namely include under-cover operations, cryptanalysis, breakthroughs in communication and formation of an alliance with another organization. Also appraisal of available public resources may prove to be beneficial. The organization and proliferation of the collected information is known as intelligence analysis or assessment. Intelligence agencies emblem a country’s defense mechanism, strengthen it and make it dynamic

1. Canadian Security Intelligence Services – CSIS – Canada .


CSIS is the eighth best agency of the world and the biggest Canadian agency. It works along with all the other domestic agencies and reports directly to the Prime Minister on daily basis.

9. MSS, China


Ministry of State Security abbreviated as MSS is the cardinal intelligence agency of China. It was formed in the year of 1983. This agency is accountable for foreign intelligence and antithetical intelligence. It has been ranked number nine in the world. It is perceived to be a very strong and large intelligence agency.

8. RAW, India


RAW is the intelligence agency of India. RAW is extended as Research and Analysis Wing. It was created in 1968 and has its headquarters established in New Delhi. It works to collect intelligence and data relating foreign government, corporation and criminals. It transfers information to Indian policymakers and fortify Indian borders against terrorist attacks. It also overlooks into the security of India’s nuclear activity.

7. ASIS, Australia


Australia’s intelligence agency ranks number seven. It is known as the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. It has its headquarters in Canberra. It embarks on accumulation of secret information and intelligence, evaluates activities of rival countries and criminals. Also it is engaged in counteracting activities that pose threats to a country’s security and safety. The Australian Secret Intelligence was created in 1952

6. DGSE, France


General Directorate for External Security is the intelligence service of France. It was established in the year 1982 and operates under the French Ministry of Defense. It safeguards the country’s people and limits terrorist activity, working together to gather information for the safety of the country’s borders.

5. BND, Germanygermany

The federal intelligence agency of Germany is Bundesnachrichtendienst. It was established in 1956, and is ranked number five. It is a highly motivated and well-established agency of the world. Its headquarters are in Pullach which is near Germany’s capital, Munich. BND mainly focuses on collection of intelligence data, detection of potential threats and acquaints the German government about terrorist and criminal activists.

4. FSB, Russiarussia

Federal Security Service abbreviated as FSB is an intelligence agency of Russia. It is one of the world’s best and ranks at number four. It is the principal security organization of Russia which was formed in 1995. The main objectives of the agency are mobilization of information, defense from terrorism and protection of the country. The main office of FSB is functional in Lubyanka Square in Moscow.

3. MI6, UK


Having its headquarters in Vauxhall Cross, London the UK’s secret intelligence service is ranked number three. It was formed in 1909 and works in alliance with various different organizations. These namely include the Joint Intelligence Committee, the Internal Security Service, the Government Communications Headquarters and the Defense Intelligence. These organizations work together to ensure national security and inform the government of United Kingdom of any unusual activity

2. CIA, USAusa

The Central Intelligence Agency is an independent agency operational in the United States of America. It functions under the orders of the Director of National Intelligence. Its main objective is the protection and security of the inhabitants of America. President Harry S.Truman established this intelligence agency in 1947. CIA is divided into four heads which include the Directorate of Support, the Directorate of Intelligence, the Directorate of Science and Technology and the National Clandestine Service.

1. ISI, Pakistan


The Inter Services Intelligence agency belonging to Pakistan has been ranked the best. ISI was created in 1948 as a separate unit which was not interdependent. It was formed to secure and strengthen the country’s foundation. The headquarters of the ISI are located at Shahrah-e-Soharwardi in the capital Islamabad. ISI has achieved various goals especially in operations of Afghanistan, Siachin, Kargil War and Kashmir Front. The institution works in a well-organized constitutional and legal framework. It is working efficiently to protect the country from national and international terrorist activism.

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