Tobacco With the Electronic Cigarette

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Faced with rising tobacco , smokers will still be hit to the wallet. But they can rest assured that the latest version of the electronic cigarette should relieve this side, in addition to having far fewer health risks . Our contributor, former heavy smoker, has gone over to the “vapoteurs”. And it is fully conquered.

For twenty years I smoked about a pack a day. But for the first time in my life smoking, increasing the price of tobacco scheduled for early July will have no impact on my wallet. For two weeks, I went to the e-cigarette or e-cigarette.

Tobacco With the Electronic Cigarette Smoking since the age of 15, I tried to quit several times with substitutes such patches and nicotine gum. I managed to completely stop my consumption for a year and a half, but not a day without swallowing his fucking menthol lozenges which, at breakfast or drink, marry very difficult with the taste of coffee or white wine!

The Cigarette is A Socio-professional Agent

The social factor in my cigarette consumption was very important.

Hard not to feel left out at parties where everyone smokes around you, then it connects the nicotine lozenges. When you’re smoking for so long, this vice something transgressive Libertarian addicts in our minds.

Another social factor should not be overlooked when you are smoking, cigarette breaks at work . They punctuate the day, they allow you to sympathize with people that you may have never met or just crossed. Some decisions and some projects are completed more informally by the small space-time usability.

A change of career, a factor of new challenges and therefore stress, have been because of my 18-month effort.

The First Electronic Cigarettes Have Not Convinced Me

When a few months ago, I hear the first electronic cigarettes , I welcome these new gadgets in one eye a little snob. So much so that I do not really push my research through and try a simple disposable electronic cigarette sold in pharmacies, those who physically resemble cigarettes but are plastic, mine with more the size of a cigar.

When I draw a latte, feeling thick, filling the mouth and throat is not there and the difference between steam and smoke does not suit me. After one day, so I went to my package “Malbaré” light that had not remained far.

The Revolution Cigarette Kit

Then one day, a friend made ​​me try the electronic cigarette kit (which looks more like a nice pen), purchased from a specialty shop. I told him about my disappointing experience but told me to try because this process has nothing to do with disposable and mimics the feel of real cigarette. A little skeptical of having to press a button before shooting a latte, I am amazed, this feeling of thickness and filling the groove, everything is … except taste, I’m not a fan of the apple!

But I know that these shops offer a variety of the most unexpected taste (taste soon Mojito and perhaps flavor cannabis, which already exists in the Netherlands). I’m beginning to be seduced.

Tobacco With the Electronic Cigarette 2My friend eventually convince me by explaining that one can choose the nicotine present in the flavored liquid, and thus reduce gradually its consumption. It is used in addition to cigarettes, to eliminate several days by … Without pressure or stress, experience really tempting me.

A few days later, so here I am in one of the concept store that are mushrooming everywhere in France. The shop is crowded, half-hour wait before being served. The seller made me try different tastes, explains how the system works and, of course, its economic interest. I let myself be seduced, convinced of wasting 45 euros it costs the basic kit of electronic smoking. Sorry … the vapoteur!

Identical to Traditional Cigarette Sensations

So I come with my lovely pen steam which I chose the color, taste (American Tobacco) and nicotine levels corresponding to the brand I smoked (11mg/ml).

The first test is soon to arrive since I go with friends for a drink, mojitos. The first in situ drags are not really convincing, I pull over evil …

But when we are inside the bar, I just taunted my friends pulling my steam, then they have to go out in the rain smoke their cigarette. I accompany them in their cigarette breaks and soon it becomes a game I feel a little silly but fun to draw TAFEs this plastic tip.

In the evening when I got home, and I still decided to put my real cigarettes in a drawer. I am amazed: no cravings and I am used increasingly to American tobacco taste that I enjoy. The judgment of the cigarette is smooth without big traumatic rupture in my brain, I lure keeping the same sensations with a real cigarette. Ravi!

When My Old Cigarettes Disgusts Me

I did not touch it a cigarette for a week, harder to breathe when I get my four-storey over feeling “fire in the throat” in the morning or late in the day, more breath smoking means less chewing gum … The benefits to a morning or I fill my cigarette in its liquid hastily and it sends me the liquid on the lips instead of the usual steam.

I rinse my progress so before trying again, but it does not work anymore. I do not have time to find out why, I pull the package Malbaré light!

For several days, I think my e-cigarette does not work, so I take the real one, with a feeling of disgust, close to my first cigarette when I was 15. Immediately, coughing and breathing difficulties return.

I can not wait, have the time to return to the store to return to vapotage. The following Saturday, the seller explained that I had probably not filled the tank and despite his explanations, when buying, I had to put fluid in the ear that sends steam.

Few breaths in the tip and wiping rule sufficient to solve the problem.

Farewell Toxins And Other Carcinogens … Well aAlmost

I come away happy, I can resume my store again and vapotage my pack of cigarettes. I feel liberated from the effects of cigarette and psychologically, I am relieved to no longer absorb lead, tar and other arsenics which are 400 harmful and carcinogenic substances cigarette .

I keep that nicotine, the addictive agent cigarette and I feel the master of choosing the amount present and the taste of what I’m smoking. With the hope to reduce gradually the nicotine levels to pass, who knows, liquid without nicotine, one day …

Only downside, the process used for the combustion of liquid that turns into vapor contains propylene glycol, a component found in many food industry in some sauces for example, used in smoke and disco – more surprisingly – in Ventolin prescribed for asthma, which I am.

A Practice Which Still Must be Framed

A component priori trivial, but whose long-term effects when heated and absorbed very regularly as vapor is unknown. However, despite the uncertainty about this product, an article reassures me by saying that the electronic version is 400 times less harmful than the classic version .

This uncertainty led me to be favorable to the ban of electronic cigarettes in public places . I also think that the sale of these e-cigarettes should be framed to avoid such young people to enter through this door smoking.

For the heavy smoker as I was, I am convinced I have replaced one of the most deadly but certainly always authorized by a solution addictions addictive, but much less harmful.

A Tobacco Budget Divided By 6

Moreover, the economic aspect is not negligible. For someone smoking a pack a day, it takes about six euros of liquid per week. The tank, which costs seven euros, turns once a month. Finally, the battery, to 20 euros, is expected to take several months, regardless of the brand. About 35 euros per month.

It is far from 200 euros a month that cost 20 cigarettes daily. A budget steadily increasing as subject to higher tobacco prices.

I am pleased to live in a country that does not prohibit electronic cigarette, as is the case in many others. When in doubt, Australia has banned its territory under the pretext that it contains … of nicotine! While conventional cigarette is still allowed and continues it with certainty to millions of deaths each year .

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