Tips For Running: How to Start Running

Posted on Sep 16 2013 - 9:11am by Admin

Here is what I call the Abandon-all-reason and do it now approach to your first run ever. Explained simply. What you have to do is this: Abandon all reason and do it now.

Put down whatever you are holding. Tell anyone in the immediate vicinity to hang on a second. Walk calmly through the nearest exit. And when you hear the door dose behind  you. Take off.

Here are the Tips For Running:

  • Look Ahead, Not At Your Feet
  • Keep Your Shoulders Low And Loose
  • Unclenched Fist, Fingers Resting On Palms
  • Slide Your Arms  Forward And Back, Not Across Your Chest
  • Knee Should Be Slightly Flexed To Bend Naturally ON Impact
  • Lift Only As High as Needed  To Maintain Proper Stiride
  • Keep Your Torso  Upright. IF You Start To Slouch, Take A Deep Breath And You’ll Straighen Out.
  • Keep Your Elbow Bent At 90 Degrees, Floating Between  Your Chest And Waist
  • Leg Should Land Underneath Your Body, Not In Front OF It
  • Roll Forward Quickly And Use Your Calves To Propel You OFF The Ground

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