Through Valdes And Iniesta, Latent Malaise Of “Family” Barca

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Valdes will go, Iniesta made his desired extension. These two episodes are witnessing a very turbulent life behind the scenes of Barca family, decrypts Francois David.

Through-Valdes-And-Iniesta-Latent-Malaise-Of -Family-Barca

Weird these days in Barcelona … Barca won 4-0 on the lawn of Rayo Vallecano and emphasizes the “loss” of the house style, based on the possession and the “Tiki-Taka” (repetition password). Because of a statistic: for the first time since May 7, 2008 and a 4-1 defeat to Real Madrid , Barcelona has “lost” the ball. A crime for the Ayatollahs “Guardiolisme” used to seeing their team win, but especially to dominate the match. Except that we forget that Gerardo Martino was chosen to bring “something else”, a little more vertical and intensity to break the rhythm and cause weakness in the defenses. And Rayo Vallecano explosive Paco Jemez (which has organized a drive 23 hours this season) was in 2013 the third team with the best ball … in Europe, behind Barcelona and Bayern Munich . Like what, everything is relative.

While Barcelona has not lost any game since the beginning of the season, he has a / balance goals conceded large surplus (14), Camp Nou whisper. Maybe he feels something else, that things are not going that well in Can Barça. We know the relationship between the group and the direction is not going strong. Most executives have a flawless admiration for Pep Guardiola and Cruyff, in open war with the current president Sandro Rosell, elected until 2016 and probably get his title in three years.


Valdes Has A Grudge Against The President.

Xavi and Puyol say nothing for the moment, but both regret the lack of heat from their president, busy péreniser finances based lucrative advertising contracts. It is biased and seen the evolution of modern football and climbing-wage transfers, it seems almost “normal”. But it is a fact. And discomfort is even greater if we turn our gaze on Victor Valdes and Andres Iniesta , two other major figures of blaugrana club.

We know Victor Valdes will leave at the end of the season. It is officially recorded and irrevocable. The fans will have beautiful brains to try to convince the current best goalkeeper in the world (there debate?) Valdes will not be there in 2014-15. The Catalan will achieve financial transaction of his life probably signing in Monaco. Everything seems ready for this summer: Valdes, close to Monaco this summer has finally decided to stay one more season in Barcelona to collect money that ASM would pay the FCB (between 15 and 20 million euros) .

All will eventually go into his pocket. A signing bonus made possible because Valdes will be free. Pay more than 10 million net of tax per year. If economic and financial status of Monaco do not change, that’s where we’re heading. For personal reasons, Valdes will therefore favor and money from the athlete. An unassailable choice if you notes that won everything in his career. He also said Valdes, one of the great personalities of the locker room, did not want to “offer” a transfer fee for a president he does not like and that he publicly refused to shake hand. Atmosphere.

Loss Emili Ricard, Fundamental To “Don Andres”.

Will he joined by Andres Iniesta, one of the greatest players in the world, and is said also offended by his direction? You who regularly follow the news of the transfer window, you do not know, “Don Andres” is now in full renegotiation of the contract. Barca obviously wants to extend it, because losing one of its emblems is hardly conceivable in Catalonia. Sandro Rosell knows and does not want to go to the man who “say no” to Iniesta. But the player knows it. And it is desired. Position of strength, he hands on this issue. Money is a factor but not the only one. Normality would like to extend it propels the second-best paid player behind Leo Messi . However, the presence of Neymar complicated “slightly” the case.


At 29, Iniesta knows that this contract is one of the last of his rich career, he is one of the managers and he is one of the most popular players in the world. Iniesta also knows that it is the very closed circle of “bankable” and clubs ( Manchester United , Manchester City , Paris Saint Germain) would splurge for him. Moreover, if there is a possibility of flying Iniesta, it’s now or never. The contenders, in contact with the agent and lawyer player Ramon Sostres have already started their operation.

I personally think Iniesta will stay at Barca and he will extend his contract. This is a man of his word. And as his father said yesterday: “Andres has always said that his wish was to end his career at Barcelona.” But Andres is going to pay Rosell hundredfold. A personal issue because the president has also separated from one of his followers, the physiotherapist Emili Ricard, whose contract was not extended for incompatibility of temper (and too much complicity with Guardiola). You probably know not Ricard, but it is fundamental to Iniesta. He simply gave the World Cup in Spain in 2010. Flashback: there four years, Iniesta knew the worst season of his career.

Several things undermined morale. The loss of his friend Dani Jarque, captain of Espanyol Barcelona suffered a cardiac arrest and muscle repeated injury. His presence at the World Cup in South Africa was even questioned. And that’s Emili Ricard who gave up Iniesta for the appointment of his life. Through many discussions, exchanges, massage sessions in which Iniesta could confide. Ricard, just before the trip to South Africa, Iniesta had even prepared a video montage recounting champions ( Fernando Alonso, Roger Federer, etc. ..). All had overcome their woes before returning to the path of victory. These images were a snap to Iniesta, who scored the final four weeks later.

The eviction of his best confidant was a dirty trick to Iniesta. The Wizard of midfield (which most resembles Zidane today?) Does not feel confident with him. He has no emotional relationship with her. This is the least we can say. Discrete and respectful of the institution that gave him everything man, he will never say anything. But the discomfort is there, latent. Even the huge stands of the Camp Nou feel.

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