“Those who Make the Laws know Nothing about the Business World”

Posted on Oct 10 2013 - 6:49am by Admin

President François Asselin Asselin, a two-Seves SMEs, specializing in the restoration of heritage carpentry joinery cabinet. It employs 140 employees and annual sales of € 17.5 million.


François Asselin, head of the eponymous company, himself the son of boss, always the desire to undertake deep in the body. Its SME specializing in carpentry and joinery of art – works including reconstruction of the Hermione Rochefort – employs 140 employees, most of carpenters. But for several months, his desire to undertake takes a blow in the face of fiscal instability that depletes companies. “What is unraveled one side is re-knitting the other. A ministry relaxes, another heavier, “he protests.

Taxes appear, disappear and reappear in a new form. Operating in the wood sector, François Asselin and must endure three years assigned a tax equal to a percentage of its revenue, but only one made of solid wood … “Not easy to calculate when it is not Polytechnique! “he sighs. And also include the proposed environmental levy to fund the recycling wood products announced in May 2013 … and finally adjourned. “The problem is you never know what they will get us out of the hat. It proceeds in the fog hoping to avoid the blows. ” How in these conditions make a budget?

Taxation Exhausting

“When I do a quote, I do not even know what the puncture I will be having in a few months on my raw materials. This completely nebulous taxation is exhausting and eventually nibble the desire to undertake, “he laments. And also mention the refiscalisation overtime , forcing employees to “work more to earn less.” Not to mention the evolution of the social system independent (RSI), which member of many business leaders who see their contributions increase. “Although I am less well covered, I chose the RSI here because it was cheaper for the company. And now the cost is similar to that of the employee plan, without that coverage improves, “he notes.

More importantly, it predicts a true “Apocalypse” with the arrival of the arduous part of pension reform : according to 10 criteria discomforts enacted by law (exposure to noise, dust, repetitive …), the employees will accumulate points and will go until two years earlier retirement. But who will pay? The company, which is supposed to “fix”. “How are we going to do? We see the train coming straight into the wall. This is énormissime “is he wins. “We alert and in person face react. The tragedy of this country is that those who make the laws, know nothing about the business world.”

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