This is the Gold Rush iPhone 5S

Posted on Sep 21 2013 - 7:41am by Admin

HIGH TECH – Delivery is Now Postponed to October

Shortage organized or demand? As always with Apple, probably a bit of both. Friday, the first day of marketing the iPhone 5S, delivery times for online orders already deported in October.


The first model hit by the shortage is the golden version. In the United States, Hong Kong and France, it took less than 30 minutes on the Apple online store for delivery postponed to October. In France, it is also necessary to have patience for the gray and white versions, but in the United States, Apple still holds a matter of days.

In the shops, it is not much better. According to the king of geeks, Robert Scoble , there were only eight models in the golden Apple Store on 5 th Avenue. The design of the iPhone 5S is almost identical to that of 5, the gold is the only way to declare to the world that we have the latest model.

Apple has confirmed to All Things D that some models were out of stock due to demand “exceptional.” According to the Wall Street Journal , the company asked its Asian suppliers to increase the production of gold iPhone 30%.

The iPhone is Not Hard to 5C

Such a phenomenon is fairly standard. Apple is still struggling to meet demand in the first quarter, mainly because of the limitations of the production side. Sales usually slow in the third and fourth quarter, a time often chosen by Android competitors like Samsung to draw their flagship model.

The main question is the success meet iPhone 5C. This year, it was the only model available for pre-order, and Apple has not announced figures, as it usually does for advance purchases. Online, it is always shipped in express within one to three days. A 599 euros off-subscription, it may be too expensive for what is essentially an “old” iPhone 5 disguised in a plastic shell.

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