The U.S. State on the Brink of Fiscal Paralysis

Posted on Sep 30 2013 - 6:53am by Admin

Without an agreement in Congress on the budget, federal agencies are threatened with closure from Monday midnight.

We headed straight for a closure of the federal government in Washington tomorrow. Barring a last-minute compromise, nobody excluded altogether while negotiations are undertaken, the sword of Damocles will fall at dawn on Tuesday. At 0 h 01, the federal government will no longer officially supported, sending a shock wave across the country, which, if it lasts, will prepare the nation against its leaders, Democrats as Republicans.


This budget crisis reveals the political paralysis total federal power divided and unable to agree on its most basic mission funding. Obsessed with spending cuts, Republicans, who control the House, voted Saturday a draft budget that requires one-year deferral of the implementation of Obama’s landmark legislation on health, their nemesis. The Senate, dominated by Democrats, aligned with their president, in turn voted Friday a budget plan royally ignoring Republican claims and suggesting he would not make concessions by Monday evening.

Ideological Claims

Since the White House, President, exasperated, said he would not let himself be “hijacked” by the ideological demands of a conservative faction . “It’s like a ping-pong table, everyone is passing the buck, refusing to give in to not appear weak,” decrypts the journalist David Harrison, the newspaper Roll Call Congress. “We are not in a fiscal crisis but a political drama reminiscent of Sartre or Lock-Endgame by Samuel Beckett, outbid Gordon Adams, a professor of political science at the American University, very pessimistic. There is no escape. “For President Obama, yielding to the demands of Republicans on health tantamount to capitulation. “If he renounced his landmark legislation, it would be a lame duck at the start of term, this is unacceptable,” says political scientist Larry Sabato.

Moreover, Barack Obama knows his opponents in the short term will be held responsible for the closure of the government, because of their intransigence to the law on the reform of the health system, he passed three years ago. The profit had shot Bill Clinton in a similar situation that had led to the re-election there seventeen years seems to confirm this calculation. “Republicans are probably right to say that the law is unpopular. In the vertigo of its success in 2009, Obama has forced social change that deeply divided the country, making his health reform vote without negotiating with Republicans . This arrogance boomerang returns, said Sabato. But the reality is that the Republicans can not block the law, because the president is a Democrat and the Senate too! To cancel, they will have to win the election! “

The paradox of the matter is that the Republican leadership knows that a big risk with the closure of the federal government, which will be charged in the first place, according to opinion surveys. This battle will leave him no strength to fight, even more crucial, looming over raising the debt ceiling in mid-October. But she finds herself hostage to its base. “The Conservatives are so in their bubble they believe embody the will of the country, while they represent their district, Sabato notes. They have forgotten that in 2012 the Democrats have collected 1.2 million more votes than them in the House and they owe their electoral majority that cutting!”

Moderates Marginalized

Since 2010, the Republican speaker, John Boehner , tried several times a “grand bargain” with President Obama on the budget , but he found himself whenever blocked by its base. The Democrats have not shown either a lot of goodwill. “Boehner is stuck. If he would seek support among Democrats to pass a budget against the opinion of the majority of his party, it would be the end of his tenure as speaker, “says journalist David Harrison. The most likely scenario is that the blade of the closure of the government falls, then Boehner will negotiate in panic a resolution to establish an interim financing until the next crisis.

Person actually sees the actual outcome in surreal drama that plays at the top of the U.S. state since a conservative majority took control of the House in 2010. Redistricting favors the formation of very homogeneous constituencies which gives the advantage to the most extreme candidates, marginalizing the moderates. Given the current configuration, the Conservative Party is expected to retain the House in 2014. This means that Barack Obama has little chance to settle the fiscal Gordian knot that strangles. In the long run, everyone is losing: the country, Republicans and President.

800,000 Employees at Risk Layoffs

If Congress fails to adopt the budget items by midnight Monday, some 800,000 federal employees may be sent home Tuesday morning. Lack of funds, non-essential government shut down or drastically reduce their activity: tax service office housing assistance, food assistance to the poor, issuing passports or ports weapons, public museums – and up refuse collection in the federal capital – could stop. The federal courts would take probably a few days on their own budget, powered by fines. However, judges continue to be paid, as well as the military, officers CIA or FBI , air traffic controllers and prison guards.

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