The New Smartphone Nokia Lumia 1520

Posted on Sep 7 2013 - 1:01pm by Admin

The latest smartphones, is back with a new screen of the Nokia Lumia 1520 running on Windows Phone 8. This new smartphone will be equipped with a screen 6 inch 1080p. You should know that this is the first Windows Phone with such a large screen.

New Smartphone Nokia Lumia 1520 3 As you know, currently Microsoft’s mobile OS does not support this screen resolution, it will be updated GDR3: The next update of Windows Phone 8, which should provide support 1080p resolution, which will facilitate the development of Windows Phone smartphones to large screen, 5 “and over, while the largest diagonal of 4.7 is currently available.”

As we can see below, the interface will now host six columns.

This photo does not tell us much except that the screen that accept more columns and tiles on the home screen. The interface can now accommodate up to 6.

1520 also called Lumia Bandit is currently the Nokia product that attracts attention. First phablet brand, it will be the first attempt as Nokia for Windows Phone in widescreen.

New Smartphone Nokia Lumia 1520The Nokia Lumia 1520 could be unveiled at the end of September in New York, according to the latest information. To learn more about the new Nokia Lumia smartphone in 1520, it remains only to wait …

The Nokia Lumia 1520 was leaked. WPCentral just posted a photo of the phablet next to a Nokia Lumia 1020. According to WPCentral, 1520 Lumia will have a six-inch 1080p display, a polycarbonate body, 20 MP camera PureView, and a design that looks like the Lumia 925.

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