The More Effective than the Patch Electronic Cigarette

Posted on Sep 9 2013 - 7:06am by Admin

According to a study released yesterday, the electronic cigarette, the controversial effectiveness would be more effective to stop smoking as the nicotine patch.

This is a New Zealand study that demonstrates its effectiveness while the French government has decided to tighten the law on “e-cigarette” by prohibiting its sale to persons under 18 years and projecting the ban of public spaces, the same tobacco.

The More Effective than the Patch Electronic Cigarette Published in the medical journal The Lancet, the study conducted on a total of 657 smokers wanting to stop smoking, shows that 7.3% of smokers who tested 13 weeks of e-cigarettes were able to quit smoking completely tobacco against 5.8% for those who used nicotine patches.

Especially, the electronic cigarette has proved significantly more effective than patches to reduce tobacco use among those who were not able to completely stop the conventional cigarette. It also manages to retain its users more easily.

The e-cigarette is more attractive than the patches for many smokers. According to the study from the University of Auckland, this device would boost the number of people who come to pass tobacco over time.

After the investigation of shock 60 million consumers had thrown the end disorder in August on the benefits of this new tool, claiming to have found “carcinogenic molecules in significant amount” in the steam from the e-cigarette. This study gives credence to the e-cigarette.

Already last week, a test presented at the European Congress of Cardiology in Amsterdam, also showed no increase in the rate of carbon monoxide in the blood of vapoteurs unlike what happens for real smoking.

Decline in tobacco sales

A consequence of the success of electronic cigarettes? Tobacco sales in France fell by 8% in the first half compared to last year. A result in rather unexpected consequences for smokers. The government has decided to cancel the price increase planned for 1 October. It seems that the successive increases of October 2012 (40 cents) and July 2013 (20 cents) largely explain the decline in sales and therefore revenue for the state.

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