The largest smartphone screen

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The largest smartphone screen

Samsung is still the biggest screen phone has to introduce alan. Friday in the U.S. will be offered for sale.News reports galaxy tribe called mega smart phone with 6.3 inch large screen view does not look at a tablet.

Samsung said on the phone, movies, books and games sungs experience feels exactly like tablet. This mobile device is named fblet. And samsng believe that the design of this particular mobile movies lovers  people will draw the wool.

The largest smartphone screen

The largest smartphone screen

In this screen is extremely thin. Which can be detected easily in the pocket or hand.As we knoew that the people like to use different kinfd of mobiles which looks very nice

. And the mobiles which are very popular in these days they are galaxy , I phone , black berry and many more. The girls are mostly concious to use this type pf samart phone. And I  am sure that this smart phone is one of the best phone.


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