The half 15 Pakistan Russian will 22 hour fast

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The half 15 Pakistan Russian will 22 hour fast

Duration 15 days of U.S., UK and Argentina in the 16’s in 9 hoursThe maximum period of fasting in the country 15 hours and 30 minutes, and the longest 22 hours of Russian Muslims will fast Moreover lowest fasting period of 9 hours in Argentina is only half the country this year, according to media reports dear fasting period of 15 hours and 30 minutes.

Canadian Muslims will fast for 18 hours. According to reports, 21-hour fast in Denmark is the longest and Russian Muslims will fast for 22 hours.

The half 15 Pakistan Russian will 22 hour fast

The half 15 Pakistan Russian will 22 hour fast

In Latin American countries, Argentina, Brazil fasting period of 12 hours only 9 and half hours. Gram in Mexico 13 hours 20 minutes 14 hours a Greek Japanese 14 hours 14 hours 12 hours from USA Kenya Saudi Arabia 16 hours 15 hours 16 hours England, Egyptian and in Germany fasting period is 16 hours.

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