The French are not so Addicted that Antidepressants

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France advanced to the 13th in the world, behind Iceland, Australia and Canada, according to a large study conducted by the OECD.


That should lift our spirits somewhat … In this period of crisis, the French tend to take pills between latte and toast to take the shock. At any time of the day, pharmacies are always full. In long queues waiting to get customers get their weekly “dose” of psychotropic drugs. But if many people continue to believe that our immoderate love for antidepressants is unparalleled on the planet, a new study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) proves otherwise. Like what, there is still more unfortunate than yourself. We console ourselves as we can …

The average consumption of antidepressants in the 23 member countries of the OECD and 56 pills a … day for 1 000. 50 “happy pills”, the France is an honorable 13th place of the ranking equally with the Germany and Slovenia . If South Korea and Chile are the countries less “addicted” to drugs (13 stamps), Iceland (106), Australia (89) and Canada (86) are populated by people who are stressed and depressed. Like what beautiful volcanoes, the sun on idyllic beaches and open spaces do not necessarily guarantee happiness …

Mild Symptoms

Between 2000 and 2011, the consumption of psychotropic drugs has almost doubled in the member nations of the Paris-based organization. If in France this increase is reasonable (40 to 50 tablets), some countries hard hit by the financial crisis have recorded sharp increases. This is the case of Spain, where purchases of antidepressants soared by 51% between 2003 and 2011 and Portugal (20% in four years).

But one of the most important bonds was recorded … Germany (+46% between 2007 and 2011), yet a country as an example for its economic health. The explosion in the number of working poor, the increasing proportion of employees holding several jobs to make ends meet month and increased pressure on the workplace partly explain this “abnormality”. The OECD also explains the increase in the use of psychotropic drugs by increasing the duration of treatment. Doctors also do not hesitate to prescribe drugs for patients with mild symptoms. The latter, in increasing numbers, also go in general to ask for help when their morale drops a little, which was not necessarily true there are a few years ago. But apart from that, madame, everything is fine, everything is fine …

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