The FN to Conquer the World Teacher

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The collective Racine, member of Blue Rally Navy wants to advocate for the “recovery” of National Education. For its founders, it is to “gather Patriots teachers where they come from left and right,” and for the FN to attract new voters to him.


The National Front intends to storm the fortress teacher away from his electoral pool with a new tool: the collective Racine. Marine Le Pen will go Saturday in the fifteenth arrondissement of Paris for the launch of the club forty of “teachers patriots” which aims to “straighten out” the school. For the FN, the goal is to address all political.

“The launch conference of collective Racine is an opportunity to present our work,” says Yannick Jaffre, secretary of the group and professor of philosophy at Lyon. “Our goal is twofold, says the teacher from the left chevènementiste. We want to bring Patriots teachers where they come from left and right. Theme by theme and work on the school, from kindergarten to university. “

The group advocates for Racine “turnaround” of Education: general organization, methods, content, and secular authority. A website has been created and memberships start arriving, certify Yannick Jaffre. “The mother of all battles is vocational education, he says, when you delete a single college. It should promote vocational courses, relieve general programs and upgrade the tray. “Collective wants to react on all school-related events in France. “Being perfect Republicans, we intend to honor our duty of confidentiality. There is no question of activism in our institutions, let alone in our classrooms, “says Jaffre.

“The climate is changing. There are more than a kind of moral and imaginary lock to jump to a great number of teachers to join us.”

“This launch will cause a pull factor ‘, wants to believe, before castigating the action of the Minister of Education, Vincent Peillon : “He is trying to revive the 1980s pedagogists doctrines that have proven their harmfulness. This is disastrous! “Jaffre sees the school as a” mission field. ” Marine Le Pen has collected more than 8% of the votes in the presidential election of 2012 in this segment of the electorate, according to Nicolas Lebourg, a historian at the University of Perpignan, a specialist of the extreme right.

“The climate is changing. There are more than a kind of moral and imaginary lock to jump to a great number of teachers to join us, “he hopes. Yannick Jaffre is also treasurer of Fatherland and Citizenship, chaired by Bertrand Dutheil La Rochere, a former colleague of Chevènement agreed with Marine Le Pen association. Member of Gathering Blue Marine, the association intends to work to “bring the left patriot”, including former Chevènement and social Gaullists. “All those who have the social fiber and are attached to France,” says the teacher.

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