The Fiscal Instability Frustrates Entrepreneurs

Posted on Oct 10 2013 - 6:43am by Admin

In addition to the tax burden, companies enraged against the constant rule changes.

“In thirty years of experience, I’ve never seen anything like it,” exclaims a lawyer. Admittedly Bercy was strong. Output cap end of August, the tax on the gross operating surplus ( GOS ) was included in the draft budget law (PLF) in 2014, presented by the Council of Ministers on 25 September before being replaced ten days after facing the uproar companies, an increase of the surcharge – from 5% to 10.7% – the corporate tax. And before the budget review in plenary by the parliamentary …


“It’s unpreparedness,” said Nicolas Jacquot, partner at Arsene Taxand lawyer. For a reform of this magnitude, “it takes a minimum of two months of consultation, but also explain the principle to financial simulations, resolve financial issues, write the text …” Upon arrival, the rate of the IS the highest in Europe – 36.1% of the profits – will rise to 38% for two years.

More than high level, businesses are especially penalized by a permanent fiscal instability. “A tax every day, we can do more. Today, the same company that works dare not invest because they do not know what will happen tomorrow, “exclaimed Tuesday Jean-Fran├žois Roubaud , president of the CGPME . “A company is planning its development strategy, investment, recruitment, three to five years.

Retrospective Measures

However, it is unable to lock onto a stable tax plan abounds Bezieux Geoffroy Roux, vice president of MEDEF . This instability is a bad French tradition: every year, the PLF is the bouquet garni, we discover new products. But then, there is an acceleration. “And this” serial entrepreneur “to remind the turn last year on the taxation of capital gains. The government finally fell after the revolt of “pigeons”.

“On the deduction of corporate debt interest, it is in the third position since 2007”

The example of the evolution of IS is symptomatic of these perpetual zigzags. The rate increased from 33.33% in 1993 to 36.1% today. “During this period, the instability was permanent, including the creation of an additional contribution of 10% of the SI in 1995 until 2005, a second 15% in 1997 until 1999, then the social contribution of 3.3% of the SI in 2000 and a 5% surcharge in 2011! “says Bruno Gibert, partner at CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre.
The “foundations of taxation” in 2014

And the lawyer added: “On the deduction of loan interest of businesses, it is in the third position since 2007.” Problems are most acute in the case of “retroactive measures, passed in December, concern throughout the year, “says Nicolas Jacquot. This is the case of the exceptional tax of 75% on income over $ 1 million, which will apply in 2014 on revenues of 2013.

The government, which says focus on the “dialogue” will organize early 2014 the “foundations of taxation” to consider “structural reform.” With the ambition to “run” to get “an alignment of the rate of corporation tax on the European level,” said Bernard Cazeneuve . “You can set a goal three years back to the average, which is 30%,” offers Peter Gattaz , president of MEDEF. But believes it himself?

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