The False Name Change from Burger King to Promote its Chips

Posted on Oct 5 2013 - 10:36am by Admin

The number two hamburger in the United States has allegedly renamed King Fries. A “shot com” that has not gone unnoticed.

Burger King has fried! The number two hamburger in the United States – behind McDonald’s – decided to stake everything on its latest innovation: the light fried . To promote its new product, the inventor of the “Whopper” even – allegedly – decided to change its name. He thus announced Thursday in a press release , have renamed Fries King (King of fried) …


The American group has even stated that the restaurants of Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami are famous for a limited time. Already, Burger King has changed its website in order to include prominently the “new logo” King Fries with precision “formerly Burger King.” the group’s Facebook page has also been updated with the new name. The new fries and the new King Fries same logo already enthroned on the window of one of the restaurants.

After a few hours of this amazing communication campaign, the group has finally posted the following message on his Facebook wall : “Sometimes we are so elated by our new Satisfries that we need to do something big! And even if it is only for a few days. Fries King, Burger King, same fight, taste is king. “

It was therefore a hoax intended to promote Satisfries Burger King, these chips wavy 30% less fat and 20% fewer calories than conventional (270 calories, against 340 for a small portion).

Marcel Botton, Nomen president, a company specializing in consulting and brand identities, draws a parallel with the recent publicity campaign orchestrated by another giant burger:. McDonald’s The American brand was launched in mid-July a national campaign that puts showcase its flagship products without the brand name appears only once. “The two leaders of fast food in the United States take the same risk is to play with the brand. This trend is new, it aims to demystify the brand and create a complicity with its target. For Burger King, the goal is to play with users and give a facelift to the sign. Once the groups were not playing with their brand, it was sacred. then Google initiated the movement by launching its famous doodles – those little icons that occasionally replace the logo of the search engine U.S. (Ed). “

Bet won on Twitter and social networks, the joke burger king has fascinated visitors.

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