The Epidemic of Bronchiolitis Started

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This respiratory disease that affects 30% of infants under two years each year is expected to reach epidemic peak between December and January.

Un kinésithérapeute osculte, le 03 novembre 2003, un bébé de 9 mois atteint par la bronchiolite, une maladie des bronches due à un virus et qui touche chaque hiver près de 30 % des nourrissons. Le gouvernement a lancé une campagne de prévention pour   alerter les parents sur des gestes simples permettant d'enrayer l'épidémie.
Bronchiolitis , a viral infection that affects more than 460,000 children under two years each year , began to increase. The winter epidemic installs as annually by the north and reached the Île-de -France, the network of regional observation groups influenza ( GROG ) . ” It starts like every year in early November , and it will reach a peak between December and January, with three weeks gap between the north and south of the country ,” explains Dr. Didier Che , an epidemiologist at the National Institute standby health ( INVS ) .

To stop the spread of this benign but highly contagious disease , everyone can follow the recommendations of the National Institute for Prevention and Health Education :

• Wash hands before caring for an infant.

• Avoid places where many people occupy a small space (metro, bus , some shops … ) , or smoky places in the company of a toddler .

• Thoroughly clean the objects children (especially pacifiers , bottles , cutlery … ) .

• Avoid approaching young children with colds or influenza status . Or wear a mask.

It is not useful to go to the hospital if a baby has difficulty breathing, even if the symptoms can be impressive . Didier Che also states: ” Although ED visits are quite frequent hospitalizations are rare and most children are monitored by the family doctor or pediatrician .” Bronchiolitis , in general, can not be treated with medication. If an infant has difficulty breathing :

• Ventilate well, not too cover the child.

• Lay the child on her back slightly tilting the bed.

• Although small nose lead with saline before meals, and as often as necessary. Unlike adults , babies hardly breathe through the mouth.

• Follow prescribed by the doctor , often physiotherapy treatment.

• The child is contagious until the symptoms disappear.

In addition , Dr. Anne Mosnier , national coordination of GROG , also warning about the vulnerability, lesser known , older people deal with this virus , and recommends “not to visit them for colds , especially if they live in a retirement home , a place particularly conducive to the spread of disease .

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