The Award Of The World Cup In Qatar Influenced By Economic Interests

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Sepp Blatter rarely speaks to nothing to say and this time, the President of FIFA (the Government of soccer world) talks a lot and quite explicitly. Earlier this month, Sepp Blatter had already conceded that organize the World Cup in the summer in the Gulf was not perhaps a great idea. “it may well be that we have made ​​a mistake,” he shall provide a layer in an interview published Thursday, September 19 in the German weekly Die Zeit.

The award-of-the-World-Cup-in-Qatar-influenced-by-economic-interests

Ignoring this time of weather considerations, he acknowledged that the choice of Qatar to host the World Cup in 2022 was influenced by political and economic interests. “There was direct political influences, he says. A European leaders have advised their members could vote to vote for Qatar , because they were linked to the country by major economic interests. “FIFA has awarded the organization of the World in 2022, Qatar in 2010 in controversial circumstances .

Sepp Blatter today provides want to shed light on this matter: “We just load a new ethics commission independent of any consideration . again, including the award of the World in Qatar “If these” direct political influence “proved the Gulf could see withdraw the allocation of 2024 edition. The regulations of FIFA are clear on this point. In 2010, when voting for the award of the World Cup tournament, Qatar had won the United States by fourteen votes against eight.


But the burden of Sepp Blatter not spare Michel Platini, President of UEFA, possible candidate for the presidency of FIFA and who has never hidden that he gave his voice to Qatar. When Blatter evokes “direct political influence,” it is difficult not to see an allusion to this meeting that was held at the Elysee Palace on November 23, 2010. According to several French newspapers (So Foot monthly and weekly France Football), this secret conclave would have met President Nicolas Sarkozy , Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, at the time the Crown Prince of Qatar (Emir since become), Michel Platini and Sebastien Bazin, French representative of the investment fund Colony Capital, then owner of the Paris-SG. An agreement will be concluded in the gold of the Republic: Qatar redeemed the Paris-SG and could create a chain of sports . In exchange, Michel Platini gave his voice in Qatar.

The next elections for the presidency of FIFA will take place in 2015. For now, Sepp Blatter was not nominated for his own succession. As for Michel Platini, he announced earlier this week that it would take a formal decision on a possible candidacy in the 2014 World Brazil . Under diplomatic varnish, fight political continues to rage between the two men. This interview with Sepp Blatter is published on the opening day of the UEFA Executive Committee to be held in Dubrovnik ( Croatia ) until Friday. Should we see a chance?

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