TEST LG G2 Relies on his Strength to Return to the Smartphone Market

Posted on Nov 24 2013 - 6:55am by Admin

The new high-end mobile offers a concentrate of technology at a reasonable price. The Korean manufacturer has arguments to catch Samsung and Apple.


Attention LG returns to the smartphone market. After losing ground, the other Korean giant hopes to turn the corner and soon to match its main competitors Samsung and Apple . To tu first class, the specialist consumer electronics relies on his latest toy: the G2. This is a mobile device that holds a candle to a Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5S, offering a concentrate which is the best currently on the high-end market.

To mark the occasion, the group made its floor teams of engineers to imagine the little extra that would make a difference. And their discovery has the merit of being simple: remove the side buttons rethinking on / off buttons and volume depending on the position of the hand.

With back orders, the G2 offers a more fluid navigation when the user is online. And it is rather convincing. Fini, the finger gymnastics. With one touch of the index, it is possible to control the volume of the speaker … But how to turn your smartphone when placed on a table, you ask? Just knock twice on the screen and, miraculously, the device turns on. Not easy to get the first shot at this new movement. However, the ergonomics adopted here has an advantage: it puts the left and right hand on an equal footing.

The Full Effect and Power

Another notable point from the first grip: the full effect. The borders have been minimized to emphasize a beautiful slab of 5.2 inches, Full HD, and beneficial resolution 423 pixels per inch – against 326 for the iPhone 5S and 441 for the Galaxy S4 . It thus offers outstanding contrast and brightness. The screen has a board power advantage, with a latest-generation processor – quad-core Snapdragon clocked at 2.26 GHz – RAM and 2 GB for maximum fluidity. Lovers enjoy videos on small format.

LG has also made ​​significant efforts to improve the photographic quality of its machines. This provides more clarity thanks to a camera 13 million pixels and an optical stabilizer revisited sensor. In the test, the device is doing quite well, even at night. It does not equal the 40 million pixel Nokia Lumia 1020, but is pretty good figure. The sound quality has also been the subject of special attention. HD audio files are compatible as well. In video mode, the “audio zoom” lets focus on a person in a noisy environment.

Last but not least, the autonomy granted by a high-capacity battery (3000 mAh) is a real advantage. All for less than € 600 16GB version price: hard to beat at the moment in the high end. The only thing missing in the Korean brand to improve its image to get ignored.

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