Test HTC One Max, When HTC Thinks Big

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There phablette and phablette. Some choose to focus their technology in the more compact format possible, like the Galaxy Note 3 Samsung, while others, like Sony, not to quote, do not hesitate to decline their products in.

Much more ambitious formats Xperia Z Ultra or HTC One Max, the spirit and the letter are similar: the format is not in half measures, and the ambitions of quality are there. In a world dominated by phablettes Samsung’s Note series, among the first to have joined the race, HTC took his time and offers a very different product. A he nevertheless sufficient assets to stand out?

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In the red financially in recent months, the Taiwanese company does not cease to rely less on One series, the One and Mini One, has seduced us. When these two smartphones had sufficiently affordable features to convince a large number of users, the High One, inflated hormones, clearly is less public. It is great indeed. But as hard without being stupid either.

Tower Owner

Ah, that One Max. After a week of use, it comes out completely conquered or desperate. It is full of design advantages, has a very nice finish, all in the elegance of the One series. We like the metallic finish of the device, which displays a wide screen of 5.9 inches, with small aluminum edges pierced speaker BoomSound wider on One. All in a body of 164.5 x 82.5 x 10.29 mm.

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The control buttons are not included in the display, but located below and simply a duo: Back left to right home. In the middle, the HTC logo is not touch, even if there is a safe bet that a touch screen is still located below, and a few tweaks could allow scientists to activate. Anyway, it’s shots software manipulations brand overcomes the lack of multitasking key has long since on Android terminals (double-click the Home button), while from the Settings button .

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To the rear, there is the same metal as the coating One with small white stripes around the backing plate, the same color as the unit of slices. As One mini ultimately the One Max ignores metal brackets in favor of white plastic edges. The advantage? Deuce, now you can remove the famous hull was griping number of mobile users. Yes, you can remove it, but no, not to dislodge the battery phablette. The latter, at least get their hands dirty, is fixed, and it is only the micro-SIM and microSD cards that can be added / removed in this way. To access their home, it will just push the little button on the left edge of the terminal, which avoids the classic pitfall of smartphones with removable shells: breaking nails of their owner. This in itself represents a wonderful HTC Desire to do things in the rules of the art, and we appreciate the effort of finishing.

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If we toured the connectors, the One Max features a micro USB 2.0 port (no, not 3.0 here as is the case with the phablette the most fashionable time in Yosemite Sam …) on its bottom edge. The 3.5 mm jack is itself located above the unit on the right side, a few inches of the IR port that lets you turn Max into a remote control. Dare I say that given its size, you do not leave it in your pocket at home, and it finds its natural place on the coffee table in the living room?

On the left side of the phablette, HTC has placed the release button of the camera, and it is right that the Taiwanese placed the volume control keys and, below, the Power button. Remember the One: the button was placed there at the top left of the smartphone to fall naturally under the index. HTC did not push up the vice try to claim that the size of Max could be used in the same way, and preferred slightly revise its design.

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Let’s face it: the Max One measure 164.5 x 82.5 x 10.29 mm for a magnificent 217 grams which may distort more than one pocket (pocket large enough so there). It is very large, even when one appreciates the phablettes. While the biometric sensor on the rear of the unit, under the camera sensor UltraPixel does not fall too badly in the index, even for small hands that have tested, which remains a valuable asset. But there he was a public able to embark on such an adventure to 700 euros, knowing that when necessary, it will never be possible to put the phone in the pocket of his jeans? Make your grief and go your way.

And always in terms of ergonomics and design, even if the fingerprint reader works well when we take Max with both hands, what about the release when asked his device on a table? It should then grasp with both hands in order to reach the reader, or click the option to switch to a backup password … It’s long, it is not practical. And that’s a shame when you see the time savings provided by the launch of a footprint associated with a specific implementation – we will return in the software part of the test. Last complaints at the Max: it does not come with a stylus. Given its size, the accessory would largely found its way into the body of the machine, and would have proved useful (although there will be an option for those who can not lose). As part of the HTC Scribe, or just because the keyboard is not décentrable Max application, and the screen is still very great for typing SMS, we would have appreciated his presence. A small detail that affect the right to the heart of manic cleanliness: the High One, with its aluminum hull, brand much dirt – it is almost sentenced to hang unprotected in a puisqu’inadapté covers the bag – but the advantage of being easily cleaned.


True to its positioning “One”, the HTC One Max has the same screen as One of the first generation. Anti-scratch, slab type, definition, everything is the same, except necessarily resolution. Because here we have a 5.9-inch screen Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), it “falls” at 373 pixels per inch. Unless you have a good eye, you do not quite frankly the difference between a resolution of 350 or 430 dpi, then … No matter phablette exceeds this definition (eg Full HD on the Lumia 1520 6 inches ), and must be mounted in tablet format to exceed 1080p. Bad language, I hear you think that with its size, the One Max is not far. Not far, but still, it is all the difference.

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In use, I enjoyed this screen, responsive to perfection, pretty, bright, and displaying superb colors. We do not expect less from a reputable 3 Super LCD technology for its natural colors, here with very satisfactory viewing angles. If we proceed to the consideration of color, there is the high brightness of the device, elbow to elbow with the Super IPS LG G2 .

In the Dalton family, we have, from left to right: Max One HTC, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the LG G2 , respectively equipped with a Super LCD screen 3, Super AMOLED and Super IPS u, All in Full HD and a diagonal of 5.9, 5.7 and 5.2 inches. That great screens here!

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When looking more closely at the black, it is clear that the Galaxy Note 3 takes the cake fingers in the nose, with its AMOLED with dark dots. Behind the G2 and Max One escaped with honors, with a dark gray as possible, each with its brightness maximum thrust. Each of the photographs below will confirm, HTC and LG offer a very valuable display similar!

This is the white that most differentiates our three friends. To the eye, the G2 which has the best white one that appears at least the most pristine. The High One, he pulls slightly to yellow when the Note 3 appears dimmed. A comparison with obviously take a step back: if we compare one of these three devices to the vast majority of smartphones, they will look you more than perfect.

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 In terms of colors, even fight for the G2 and Max One: both offer bright but not aggressive colors, while Note 3 (left in the “standard” mode, since this is how it is delivered) has tend to pull neon and eye fatigue, whatever that might seduce. We appreciate especially in the Note 3 homogeneity, good brightness and natural feeling. This means especially that there will not have to invent special display modes depending on whether you watch videos, that you play or you are sending messages. Overall, HTC, very good in the One, offers a seamless experience on the Max.


HTC launched its One Max the new version of its Sense UI 5.5. It is not to recast a well-known overlay, but rather to harmonize the presentation, and add a few features that are not useless. We always start with the famous fingerprint reader, which has its own section in the Settings phablette, as well as a shortcut in Toggles the notifications bar (accessible by dragging two fingers from the top of One Max). Specifically, the fingerprint reader works well, even if we take the hit to reach unlock the device on the first try (I always just on this point, to be honest). The finger is positioned correctly on the drive, with the added disadvantage of coming pretty marks on the camera sensor, located just above, which tends to serve as a benchmark. This biometric reader can be assigned to the single release of the device, but also to launch applications, but only release, which means that each print will be used to unlock + action to choose from.

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 You can select up to three tracks (the most comfortable is to use your two index fingers), for example the third book to another person, that you return to a closed session, particularly if it comes to your children . Remember that as a Child Zone is still in the game with the settings to choose from in the Parent application (in the Applications folder on the HTC menu). When choosing the affected applications, HTC offers a small selection of applications (Home Screen, Camera, Voice Assistant), but it lets you click on Select in all apps. In this case, you will have access to all installed applications on the device. HTC has also indicated that API is provided to developers, which means that eventually, fingerprints could be used in third-party applications (why not unlock the application from your bank, in a game, etc.. ).

HTC Sense 5.5 is also the famous BlinkFeed. The latter has reached a stage where it has become much more functional. It includes social networks Google+ and Instagram besides Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, thematic news to define, but also and especially RSS. So just subscribe to a feed on a website to find it in your BlinkFeed, which actually becomes a news aggregator. Where? Sliding drawer to the left of the screen, which includes your interests, which can also be grouped into folders. Items can be saved to be viewed offline, you can remove a long press news / pictures that you do not like the BlinkFeed, or just delete the BlinkFeed itself. Or rather pause: by pinching the screen to reduce your office pages, as if you want to add pages or widgets, you will find in fact a “Disable BlinkFeed” button. This means that the day you will reuse, you will not have to set it again. Not to mention in the same place, you can move the BlinkFeed from one page to another on your home panels.

For the rest, HTC has not changed significantly his overcoat. Side navigation systems have been added here and there, displaying your music app on a TV screen now supports the lyrics (for the fans of karaoke), the Photo / Video app comes with some improvements, and the presence of an infrared port lets you use the One as Max via the TV remote control application. There is also a HTC Scribe implementation mentioned above for taking notes, and whose main attraction, besides the different designs available to the user for the automatic reduction of the size of your manuscript that fits the height lines notebook. Casually, it is convenient, but it is here that the lack of stylus is felt.

In terms always software, the size of the HTC keyboard works miracles in a follower of the typo. Well hidden in the settings, options allow you to use a seizure “swipe”, but also to display the navigation arrows at the bottom of the keyboard. Lack the ability to always display line numbers at the top of said keyboard, or to decentralize in order to eventually be able to use it with one hand.


HTC has chosen a Snapdragon with Adreno 600 320 and 2 GB of RAM, and not a S800 as found in Note 3 to the Sony Xperia Z1 . In terms of usage, it will really take a lot to Max One to make a difference, and indeed, the optimization of the device has been well worked because we were never left in the carafe. It is rather a matter of choice image – difficult to sell at the same price as its competitors device less well equipped – and longevity that will worry.

If we compare the Max One in Note 3, its main competitor, the HTC is back, simply because than optimization or not, the S800 is the most powerful processors in the moment. When Samsung got in our test just over 36,000 points AnTuTu, the One Max gets 26304 points with the same test. It is however a little more than One (about 24000), it improves slightly.

Same results with benchmarks such as Quadrant where, recall, had obtained the rating 3 19102, and One, 1236. Here, we get 12,294, barely more than a One.

Similar battle with SmartBench 2012, which places the Max One just above the One (6912 and 2841 productivity in games), but below the Galaxy Note 3 showing productivity and 9623 points in 4465 games. The High One, he gets scores of 7213 and 3587 respectively. Needless to push further the comparison: One Max offers performance broadly similar to those of a One, which has not yet reached its limits at present.

Communications and GPS

HTC offers with its One Max support 4G (category 3), a minimum for this type of device. The quality of the network hangs as its communications no problems, and the GPS hangs only takes a few seconds. It did not at fault during our travels, and proved quite accurate. Drivers will appreciate the size of the screen when they want to use the One Max as GPS car.

Photo Results

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Zero surprise at the camera from HTC, which offers the same as the One (4,000,000 dots), with the difference UltraPixel sensor near happens optical stabilizer, so that for a unit to 700 euros expected take the paternity of the One family is a shame. Result: the One Max offers good results, but slightly worse than the One, and suffer from the same defects. Max manages well the lack of brightness, but zoom in the photos, there is a perceived lack of detail that is not a problem in most circumstances, but it will feel when you want to enlarge some pictures. These reservations aside, and for those who do not have the move (not easy with a phablette), the results of the One Max are very good (it should not be in bad faith).

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