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After the very exclusive 8C Alfa Romeo returns to the segment of sports coupes with a much more affordable 4C. But this beautiful Italian faces fierce competition! Does A means of its ambitions?

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In recent years, the morale of Alfisti has had its ups and downs. After conquering a period marked by the success of the 156 and 147, the Milanese brand has experienced a period of decline, with an overly ambitious 159 which had a mediocre career leading to premature retirement. Today, aging MiTo and Giulietta try to keep the flame and wait for better days … and a hypothetical comeback in the U.S. market, alas regularly postponed. Fortunately, Alfa Romeo sometimes offers some beautiful gifts to his fans. As the 8C Competizione in 2007, super, but inaccessible to ordinary mortals. Fortunately, the company has thought of all those who have not won the lottery: here are the 4Cs , just as pretty, but much more affordable: € 51,500 base price. An attractive rate, but puts in front of formidable competitors, Porsche Cayman S and Lotus Elise in mind.

Vow of Lightness

In terms of design, the Alfa Romeo 4C is much closer to English than German: she put on weight gain rather than pure power to compete in performance. In practice this results in a carbon bath having grafted two subframe aluminum. The assembly is dressed by SMC composite body, the assembly allowing the 4C claim a dry weight of only 895 kilograms. Mechanically, no V8 Ferrari as the 8C, or even 6 cylinders, but a reworked version of the 4-cylinder turbo 1750 cm3 already equipping the Giulietta Quadrifolgio Verde. Located in a central position, this block revised (it is now aluminum) receives a new intake and exhaust reconfigured. He gains 22 pounds on the scale, only 5 horses and 10 Nm of torque: the maximum power now reaches 240 hp, while maximum torque stands at 350 Nm at 2100 r / min. One transmission is available, the dual-clutch transmission Alfa TCT 6-speed paddle.

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All this is wrapped in a dress that can not be ignored. Welcome Alfa Romeo to have retained much of the concept car presented in Geneva in 2011: the proportions are always unusual, with a length contained under 4 meters, a height of 1.18 m (1.12 m for Elise 1.29 for a Cayman) and especially a width of 1.86 meters. Suddenly, the 4C appears both visually and tiny at the same time very “sitting” on the ground. A true supercar look off! In detail, the use of SMC instead of steel or aluminum allowed in some daring shapes. Remains “the” detail that often angry: optical. For reasons of weight and size, Alfa Romeo has introduced projectors curious how “fly’s eye” that are not to everyone’s taste. In reality, as long as they offer skins carbon (an option charged a whopping … € 1200!), All is nothing shocking.

Spartan Atmosphere

In the interior too, the 4C is put on the wagon! It disregards any unnecessary skin, leaving its shell apparent carbon … and it is much better for the atmosphere on board. Accessibility is better than in Elise, thanks to side pontoons less impressive, but the wheel is set a little low while the seats could better maintain the body. We like some nice details, such as leather straps for door handle and aluminum pedals. But the wheel appears too big and storage are all just … missing! The trunk, he is reduced to the bare minimum: a large glove box behind the engine warm over muffler … Side equipment, the 4C is a hardliner, with air conditioning and combined radio-navigation option … free. Basically, you see if you really want to play the purists!

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An Engine “Goes Coal”

You’ll probably tell me that “it was better before,” without a sporting Alfa V6 Arese is a sacrilege. What I would say that nobody complained 4 cylinder “Bialbero” 60-70 years, and that, anyway, the Arese V6 was too heavy and it does not pass emission standards for fine long time. Clearly, we must turn the page. And if the 4-cylinder turbo 4C will not forget the melody of the legendary 6-cylinder Alfa, there is no reason to complain about its services. This rich block in a couple “goes coal” with conviction, with excellent performance (0-100 km / h in 4.5 seconds) and a remarkable flexibility in everyday life, in spite of gear ratios (very) long.

Sound side, he growls more than he sings, but the optional exhaust Racing (500 €) crackles to wish during gear changes and frees its raucous past 5 000 r / min. As for the box, she is reasonably fast, even sporting use, and allows you to ride more relaxed in traffic. It does not clearly has a dazzling PDK Porsche, but remains honest in absolute terms. As for the Alfa DNA, which allows you to choose between different modes of driving system, it adds to the already known three settings (“All weather”, “Normal” and “Dynamic”) a fourth, called “Race”, which disables all audiences electronic ESP included.

Effectiveness of the Frame, Blur Direction

And in the dry as well use the latter method, considering the quality of the frame, totally geared towards efficiency and the generation of grip. The weight content and sketches of well settled suspensions allow speeds very high cornering, without sacrificing comfort, filtration remaining a surprisingly good level. Braking, very few attended, is powerful and childlike simplicity dosing. It will be rather more circumspect about the direction. Alfa Romeo chose to ignore any assistance, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But this is not enough to obtain a convincing feeling driving: ski information nosewheel are inconsistent, and torque effects become a concern at high speed, where the 4C looks nervously looking his way to counter inequalities bitumen.

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