Syria: What are The True Intentions of the United States? (Sham Times)

Posted on Sep 8 2013 - 10:03am by Admin

Any observer who is interested in the behavior of the United States, to deduce their true intentions towards Syria would face a series of contradictory statements.

In fact:

I. On the one hand, they push further terrorist operations while keeping the dialogue with the legitimate authorities of the country they would radically change personalities and political orientations. This is why they worked:

1. Replace hastily the “Board of Istanbul” [or CNS] a so-called “Coalition of the Syrian opposition,” concocted by Washington and clearly dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood to all levels.

2. Formalize the Coalition created de novo as a legitimate representative of the Syrian people by working to its recognition by the Allies, which is now done, following the meeting of the “enemies of Syria” in Marrakech.

3. Form a “Top military council” to keep a stranglehold on the destabilizing operations by, again, tip the balance in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood in the exclusion of two classes of irregular combatants: the first referred to as “the movement of terrorists Al-Qaeda “, the second consists of” those who are wary of the Muslim Brotherhood and refuse the idea of ​​domination over Syria. “

4. Return on their public decision not to arm the opposition groups to engage, just as publicly, to fund and arm them directly from the USA and Europe.

5. More meetings of the so-called “Friends of the Syrian people”, the famous political forum bringing together all those who agreed to walk with the U.S. to destroy the independent Syria and install a government in the boots of the West itself subservient USA.

6. To deploy Patriot missiles to the Syrian border, history mean that only a military solution is retained and that NATO is ready to intervene.

7. Encourage gangs to intensify their terrorist operations in the field and succeed in radicalizing the opposition against the Syrian authorities.

II. On the other hand, they suggest that they are now willing to consider a political solution that would remove any of the stakeholders, including the legitimate authorities of the country under the leadership of President al-Assad they been unable to disqualify despite nearly two years of provocation maneuvers and attacks. And they’re off for alleged peaceful negotiations among which we note:

1. The last tripartite meeting held on December 9 in Geneva between the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Mikhail Bogdanov, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State William Burns and the Special Representative of the UN and the Arab League for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi, which resulted in a release of the latter stating that “a political solution to the crisis is still possible and it will happen on the basis of the Geneva Agreement of 30 June last.”

2. The commitment to load Russian and American experts to work in search of the operational arrangements for such a peaceful solution.

3. The distinction between armed groups operating in Syria between “terrorists” as the U.S. does not cautionneraient and “opponents” they argue, followed on December 11 by the decision to include the “Jabhat al-Nusra” group, having proved ” pest leadership “on the list of international terrorist organizations.

4. Reducing the level of the U.S. representative at the fourth meeting of the “enemies of Syria” on December 12 in Marrakech, be it by the absence of Hillary Clinton.

5. The apparent laxity in the implementation of the Patriot missiles, which will ultimately be positioned away from the Syrian border.

6. The decline of the false allegations about the use of the use of chemical weapons allegedly planned by the Syrian authorities for lack of conclusive evidence in favor of such an intention.

7. The renewed assurance that neither the United States nor the West in general, had made the decision for military intervention in Syria.

III. These contradictions, which did not fail to arouse the indignation of the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, especially when they declared recognize the “Coalition of the Syrian opposition” as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people [statement Obama on the eve of the Conference of Marrakech in an interview on the BBC] and invited the newly elected president to visit Washington, raises the question of what their real intentions, or rather what are the means they might even have to come to an end. To answer these questions, it is necessary to recall the fundamental established after 21 months of relentless assault against the government and the Syrian people:

1. The inability of the United States and all its allies to overthrow the Syrian government, unless a direct military intervention become almost impossible, or prosecution of indirect war and terrorism interposed conducted by armed groups, and funded driven by forces which are subservient them.

2. The depletion of Syrian targets to destroy, now that the infernal machine U.S. killed and destroyed everything they could reach as economic and social infrastructure which has escaped being immunized and relatively out of reach.

3. The fighting, unity, discipline and endurance of the Syrian Army can continue its defensive combat and prevent armed to keep their positions allegedly paid groups.

4. The rejection of insurgents and terrorists by the Syrian people, some categories have come to seek and to obtain weapons to defend their land against the “foreign”, another reason that makes it difficult, if not impossible, maintaining armed regions momentarily occupied or occupy groups.

IV. From all the above, we can understand and imagine the U.S. position facing said “Syrian crisis,” based on the following position:

1. The belief that the Syrian government will remain on its position regardless of the criminal intensification (Western) “their killing machine”, and the pursuit of armed action will only lead to more death and destruction without no change to policy or strategic results.

2. The lack of guarantee for the future maintenance of the current anti-Syrian alliance, especially if the fire spread in a region largely corresponding to their areas of influence, starting with the Gulf countries and Turkey. Prince Talal bin Sultan has he not said that Saudi Arabia would be the next victim of the “so-called Arab Spring”? And Davudoglou did he not renchéri at the Marrakech Conference, that the Syrian situation is a threat to neighboring countries? Therefore, U.S. leaders should have understood that they could get by trading today, escape them if they largely relied on later!

3. The need to continue to work with the Muslim Brotherhood as preferred allies, draped in Islamic banners, but subject to their dictates.

That is why we do not see contradictions in the behavior of the United States, but rather a complementarity that allow them to lay the foundation for a satisfactory solution momentarily, they are now forced to negotiate.

It would succeed in establishing a new reserving key positions in the Muslim Brotherhood, since it appears difficult to achieve a majority of the Syrian people allows them to monopolize power through the ballot box. Thus, with their veto, the U.S. could at least disable any future decision that would go against their interests. Hence the usefulness of the “Coalition of little brothers opponents” and the High Military Command same … So little brothers share a power that can only be capture immediately!

Therefore, we simply say that the “negotiated solution” required by U.S. leaders is to ignore the will of the vast majority of the Syrian people and the sacrosanct democracy a solution that would ensure the Muslim Brotherhood decision-making power even if the urns decided otherwise.

To achieve this, the U.S. is not ready to let go or political pressure and criminal military operations and that, within that seems to have been fixed until next spring without any review!

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