Syria : Obama Wants to Increase Pressure on Damascus

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U.S. President Barack Obama said on receiving the King of Jordan that he wanted to increase pressure on the Syrian regime when the Geneva talks are deadlocked .

” We do not expect us to solve it ( the Syrian conflict , ed) in the short term , then there will be immediate action that we have to take to help the humanitarian situation there ,” said Mr. Obama late Friday during a meeting with King Abdullah II on the civil war raging for nearly three years Syria.”There will be intermediate steps we can take to put more pressure on the Assad regime ,” he added , without elaborating , the U.S. president.
Barack Obama was awarded the King Abdullah II of Jordan in California (west) to discuss the crisis in Syria and the process of Israeli-Palestinian peace before consulting Israel and Saudi Arabia in the coming weeks. This interview took place in a property of Rancho Mirage , 200 miles southeast of Los Angeles. This place had been the backdrop for an informal summit between Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in June.
Barack Obama has proposed a billion dollars in loan guarantees to Jordan , as well as the renewal of a cooperation agreement representing $ 660 million per year. These funds are intended in part to help the country cope with the continuous influx of refugees fleeing civil war in Syria , as well as compensate for the loss of gas resources from Egypt .

The Hashemite king , one of the main allies of the United States in the Middle East , met Wednesday in Washington Vice President Joe Biden , referring to him “measures underway to reach a political transition and an end to the conflict Syria “and” how to best respond to the growing threat of violent extremism fed by the Syrian conflict, ” according to the American executive.The talks between the Syrian government and opposition led by the UN mediator Lakhdar Brahimi should resume in Geneva on Saturday , despite the impasse in which they find themselves. More than ever, the positions of the opposition and the Syrian government are fundamentally different , the only common note is the finding that the impasse is complete.Tuesday at a press conference with his French counterpart Francois Hollande , Obama acknowledged that ” the situation on the ground is always horrible,” and that ” the Syrian state itself is collapsing ” .

– ” Enormous frustration ” –

Obama resigned in extremis to a use of force last summer against the regime of Bashar al- Assad after the Syrian president had agreed to dispose of its chemical weapons stockpile .U.S. President noted Tuesday that it was necessary “to ensure that Russia and Iran recognize that person has an interest in the continuation of bloodshed ” in Syria, but recognized ” the enormous frustration ” caused by this issue in Western capitals , while highlighting the humanitarian aid provided by Washington.

He also said that Russia , an ally of Damascus, had the “responsibility” to push Syria to respect the agreement on the transfer outside the country of its chemical weapons . The United States believes that only three small shipments of chemical weapons left Syria at this stage , much less than the 700 tons of which Damascus was supposed to get rid of before the end of 2013.

King Abdullah , whose country signed a peace treaty with Israel there almost 20 years, is one of the main partners in the Israeli- Palestinian issue , and received in mid-January Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Amman , while Secretary of State John Kerry has raised since July 2013, U.S. efforts to reach a peace agreement.

The White House announced this week that Obama would receive 3 March Netanyahu at the White House . The U.S. president will also carry out a visit to Saudi Arabia, another historic ally, the conclusion of a European tour in late March.

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