Sony Xperia Z1 I Wish I Could Sell in My Shop Cameras

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MOST. It is definitely the watch connected Samsung has focused all attention during the IFA in Berlin, Wednesday, but Sony also took the opportunity to introduce its new phone the super developed .

Moreover, is it still a phone? Jean-Philippe Allart, shop owner photo Pictures in Saintes, says the market is blurred.

Sony Xperia Z1 I Wish I Could Sell in My Shop Cameras For 35 years I worked in the field of photography and I go live on the transfer market with the arrival of these new devices, like the Sony Xperia Z1 , which are mid-mid-phone camera.

The problem is not so much the technical quality, which is often the height, but rather the distribution network. Who must sell these items, phone shops or photo?

Smartphones have eaten 25% of the market for compact

For two years, we find that the compact – that is to say, small appliances standard picture – is significantly reduced in favor of mobile phones with built-in camera. On this last year, I would say that the decline is 25%. It’s really visible in stores.

On the one hand, young people are buying fewer cameras, since their phones already allow to take. So there is a change in consumer habits. On the other hand, the latest generation of mobile phones are able to take good quality pictures if you stay in a classic use.

Mechanically, the traditional sector of the picture is eroded, if not chewed!

Little nuances, a lot of contrast

The latest generation of smartphones can take perfectly good pictures lambda. I mean the pictures that traditionally people do, such as vacation, friends, birthdays, etc.. It is a visual notebook of very good quality.

With the Xperia Z1, I could test this Thursday, we have crossed a course for the Sony system is compatible with all smartphones. Moreover, the quality is really excellent, with this we will go from -25 to -40% market share!

But as smartphones settings are limited, these devices do not allow for professional photo, or even amateur – meaning “love the picture” that makes it a passion. You can not change the lens, for example.

Moreover, to compensate for the little nuances offered by smartphones, designers often accentuate contrasts. This gives enough flashy images, high contrast, while professional photographers working on the contrary many shades.

So we should not either mix everything: yes smartphones are serious competition for entry-level cameras, but they do not replace a professional device.

These products are not restricted to mobile

Now, the real issue is the distribution channel. When the phones are half cameras, is necessarily and solely for mobile phone shops sell? I do not think so. I am quite ready to market this type of product, especially since it has all the equipment and then make prints. This is not because people photograph with their phone that they no longer wish to print photos.

The question will arise with even more acute when the cameras come out brands that will call, that is to say that this product is the photo that will dominate. I have no doubt that Samsung will.

I wasn quite ‘on’ with the timing of the sales
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