Social media are not just entertainment it also for help

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Social media are not just entertainment it also for help

Social networking sites usually considered only supplies enjoyment.Many people use it as a waste of time. Entertainment also has its place, but the sites have usefulness. Supported by their occasional contacts with protection harm save lives. Here some similar events.The March 2009 incident. True 29-year-old Rob Williams and Jason Land in Swiss Alps mountain ranges skating with peers. Sudden snow storm and separated from group.

Using Twitter a member of his group who lost their partners and they call the mobile number. Group true into contact with. Connector that way the help of guidance of Google Map application. Unfortunately Williams fell from a 66 foot high rock life was lost, but the life was saved.Cycling In July 2010, a woman named Leigh Fanzine cyclists jumped off bike and he fell the tree. Say lists separated from the other partner are injured and so impossible for him to walk. He tried to use the mobile’s contacts but cannot find signal. Then he thought of using Twitter. He did injure, I need help. Six on Twitter people came to help her and save her for a few minute ambulances arrived.The incident in 2009 in the United Kingdom occurred.

Social media are not just entertainment it also for help

Social media are not just entertainment it also for help

Britain’s City of Oxford Shire residents a 16-year-old boy late at night on Face book Online and the U.S. in a FB friend  private message that suicide is going to daughter said that her mother, who immediately informed the police. Police immediately contacted the U.S. Embassy in the UK. Authority in the UK concerned officials began searching for the boy. They find out that Oxford Shire was limited to eight homes. Egyptian boy finally to suicide’s find out. They use heavy doses of the drug was drunk. Later treated in hospital and he was fully recovered.Dave Cormier and Bonnie Stewart with her ​​young daughter in New Brunswick in Canada haying were on. Srrah a fruit like beaten his daughter, he could not identify. The sixth sense, his photographs of the fruit and posted find out that it not harmful than the effects of fruit. Finally found them through that it is a poisonous fruit. They reported to the nearest hospital the staff came and get daughter and her life was saved.Twenty-year-old Iona Stratton was suffering from blood cancer from his birth. Their mixed background of Chinese and British for his family, it was unable to find bone marrow donor, whose bone marrow, Luna’s blood could match. Parents in October 2008, Luna on Face book posted the appeal, the world’s 5 thousand 500 people this appeal forward. Finally Australia Luna’s match bone marrow found. But unfortunately, Luna operation two weeks later died, but social contacts through life trying to save money.Tina Case on Face book was that night when he saw a friend’s post, which was located forty miles away. Was written by his friend, ‘Please for my 911 (emergency number) may call and the post read about this case and told him to call 911. Launched by the police when he learned that the phone line is dead friend’s case, the police reached his house. They well was. Likely that the police found in his house to see how he fled police.

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