Snow in the Middle East to Egypt : 37 cm in Jerusalem ! Israel

Posted on Dec 14 2013 - 8:05am by Admin

Depression associated with very cold air of polar origin circulated from Turkey to the Middle East. The snow has affected many countries such as Israel , Syria , Lebanon , Jordan, Iran and most unusual way several regions of Egypt.

Israel, Jerusalem perched at 800 m altitude was hit by falling snow history . According to the meteorological services of the country, one must go back to 1953 to find such snowfall in December. On Friday morning fell to 37 cm in some streets . Wholesale traffic problems ├ętaiet observed , most access to the city being impassable roads . Schools were closed and most of the children took the opportunity to engage in snowball fights ..
Palestinian cities of Ramallah and Bethlehem were also covered with snow while areas at lower elevations have also been hit by torrential rains.Note that in Jerusalem temperatures were particularly low because they have not exceeded 3 ┬░ C in the afternoon of Friday and severe frosts were expected in the night from Friday to Saturday.
Cairo and several regions of Egypt under a light white coat. Rare in Egypt , the snow is called Friday on the northern part of the country , especially affecting the region of Cairo and the Sinai Peninsula , where several tens of centimeters blanketed the mountain Sainte Catherine which rises to more than 2000 m of altitude.

The direction of the Egyptian Meteorology indicated that it was for many years the snow was no longer fell in Cairo. January 16, 2012 a light dusting was observed in Alexandria, on the Mediterranean coast .

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