Samsung is a copycat ” Dyson attacked defamation

Posted on Feb 18 2014 - 3:58am by Admin

Samsung is a veteran of the violation and a copier. ” This is not a new Apple offensive against his main rival in the market for mobile telephony is according to Samsung ‘s opinion Dyson, the maker of vacuum cleaners that attack defamation.

Judicial escapades Samsung have consistently made ​​the one on the mobility market , but the Korean giant would have the same methods on the appliance , according to James Dyson , founder of the group to which it gave its name .

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In the month of September 2013 Dyson attacked Samsung because he felt that he had copied the pivot system patented some of its vacuum cleaners. The inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner was finally retracted three months later , but after multiplying the harsh statements in the press . James Dyson was especially qualified target range of “direct copy ” and even ” cynical fraud .”

The legal saga is not finished yet . Samsung has actually attacked Dyson defamation . “The image of Samsung has been shaken by the attack baseless Dyson , which is intolerable , ” said a spokesman at the Korea Times. “Samsung is adamant against patent trolls who use justice as a marketing tool.”

Samsung claims 10 billion won, just under 7 million euros in compensation.


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