Samsung Galaxy Note 3 The Boss of Giant Smartphones

Posted on Sep 8 2013 - 7:37am by Admin

IFA – The Korean manufacturer has formalized its “phablet” thinner, taller and lighter.

Two years first model that has opened the market for “phablets”, these giant screens to smartphones, Samsung has introduced the third version of its Galaxy Note Wednesday in Berlin at the IFA show.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 The Boss of Giant Smartphones Increasingly Without revolutionizing the Note, Samsung makes several changes to its smartphone: thinner (8.3 mm), lightweight (168 grams), the largest (5.7-inch screen is 14 inches) and announced a more durable battery facilitation. Aesthetics, Samsung does not really poured into originality, since the front has the same design of the Galaxy S4. However, the back of the unit has a texture similar to that of leather. Finally, the camera sensor rises to 13 megapixels.

The more Samsung. During the demonstration of the Galaxy Note 3, a feature stood out. With its large screen, this model can display two applications by dividing the screen into two. A feature already known but which Samsung has brought a novelty: it is now possible to display a third-party application over that which is already displayed. For example, consulting his bank account, the user draws a frame using the stylus (included with Note 3) and it can display a small calculator to its accounts. All without leaving the application. An impressive functionality that opens the way for many others, particularly in terms of multitasking.

Remain the reference Samsung has a habit of seeing the big picture and the Korean automaker was no exception to the rule when unveiling its Galaxy Note 3. It is a true American show which was attended by the press Berlin presenter with manic, giant screens spanning the entire scene, pushed to its maximum volume … Many devices that were designed to show that in terms of “phablet” (a contraction of “smartphone” and “tablet” in English), Samsung retains control. For several months, the models with screens measuring between 5 and 7 inches have increased: Sony Xperia Z Ultra or Huawei Ascend 6. Many actors who could nibble market share in Korean giant, despite this ad size.

The Galaxy Note 3 will go on sale September 25 at an unknown price.

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