Russia: MP Wants to Ban High Heels

Posted on Jun 20 2014 - 4:18am by Admin

Side look, the Russians are often devilishly sexy, braving the cold polar mini-skirt and thigh in the heart of winter. But a member of the “Fair Russia” center-left wants the skin of these gams glamor camber.
Oleg Mikheev sent a proposal to the Customs Union, which includes Russia, Belarus and Kazakhsta to require manufacturers of shoes a maximum size for the height of the heels, but also to prohibit flat shoes.


It says that high heels, sneakers, ballerinas and moccasins are dangerous to health. “The shoes should have heels two to four centimeters, maximum five centimeters,” he said in the text of its proposal. “Harmful effects of wearing very high heels and flat shoes are now recognized by experts from around the world. It is necessary to change the trend, “the five-page text.

Oleg Mikheev wants to raise public awareness of the damage that can cause wearing uncomfortable shoes over a long period. He explained that his proposal means that it is “concerned about the plight of women” and that he wishes to avoid them suffer from flat feet or other deformities. “They are young, they do not just think about what kind things, “he argues, adding that 40% of the Russian population had flat feet.


“My female colleagues do not speak to me for half a day,” jokes the politician to confusing ideas. His proposal has already caused a media storm in Russia, claiming that if women high heels were banned, they would start to wear knowingly.

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