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At Ford, the ST label is a sign of sportsmanship, but not radical. The new Focus ST is therefore intended as fun, as versatile and comfortable. If this is true in practice, we have ours yet seemed particularly expansive…

A sports car range to the oval, a rather chilly and snowy weekend of spring and the small roads torture of Pilat. It reminds you of something? We actually experienced the recipe last year with the small Fiesta Sport Platinum . The thing that we liked, we decided to put the cover with a little more fierce model. And as luck would have it, we are reminded that the third-generation Focus ST we were not yet passed between the legs.

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Begin with a short presentation of the beautiful, for those who missed an episode. After two generations equipped with a 173 hp 2.0 and a melodic five-cylinder 225 hp 2.5, the Focus ST is up to four cylinders, especially for a good conscience (ecological) with 169 g / km of CO2. The compact and seems to trivialize losing its technical specificity and returns to standard 2.0 turbo, like most of its competitors. The mutation does not, however, only disadvantages (on the contrary), since the ST wins 25 hp and 40 Nm (250 hp and 360 Nm in total), in addition to ease of thirty pounds.

After the red arizona Fiesta Sport Platinum, we choose, again in order to go unnoticed, the color tangerine scream (yellow orange) under a little sporty side of the Focus. Only available in five-door, like the rest of the range, the ST keeps an almost identical profile to a simple Trend and distinguished primarily by its front bumper, a rear spoiler and side sill extensions. Inside, the beautiful Recaro leather / fabric also remind us that we are not in a basic version, in addition to offering a very good support.

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Perceived quality remains a very high level, always with a dash to the particular design that we love … or not. Viewed from outside, the ST is its still a small effect and only fit a little rough between the shield and the front cover is irritate the eye picky journalist. The first laps urban and highway are in all the comfort expected of a compact of this class and it is led by the flexibility of the block 2.0 Ecoboost, which responds to all this floors.

Except that you can imagine, if you chose the ST variant for our little excursion, it is not for a peaceful family outing and even less for shopping. Because once we heard the sound of the engine in the towers, and we approach the first turns on country road, but rather the “race” that we want to do.

Arrived at the entrance to our playground (the Pilat Regional Park), it is time to release the horse and finally see if our compact is up to the label she wears. The road climbs toward Rochetaillee and Bessat broad and dotted with large and beautiful curves, appears as a perfect mouthing. The thrust provided by the 2.0 turbo, although quite linear, is pleasant and delighted by his strength and tone it reveals.

The new ST may well have lost a cylinder, it gratifies us singing almost as melodious as the old and unusual five-cylinder. That thanks to the Sound Symposer system, which amplifies the sound in the cabin, with the help of a valve opening more or less depending on the pressure on the accelerator. The performance of a good standard with a 0 to 100 km / h run in 6.5 seconds, although they remain below the level of a Renault Mégane RS and Opel Astra OPC.

Unlike the past, or even the old RS version of 305 hp, the Focus ST has no front axle pivot decoupled. It is acquiring the other hand, like many of his counterparts, active electronic differential, which brakes the inside wheel to eliminate understeer. On flat and dry surfaces, while the motor is almost perfect and the absent roll. One can only deplore the sometimes surprising consistency of the electronic steering, generally imprecise.

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Once near the peaks (between 1100 and 1200 m above sea level), we are committed to more narrow and winding roads. The coating can be a bit bumpy and portions moistened by the melting snow, reveal loss of traction and thus lifts some torque steer. Far from making the scandalous conduct, these imperfections would almost tend to add character to this Focus. This side “living” is more accentuated by well calibrated ESP, which allows self winding curves or even get slightly back train, and gives the driver a feeling of rejoicing apprentice master.

The Focus ST is less rigorous and “perfect” a Opel Astra OPC but, oddly, it is these small gaps that contribute to the pleasure felt at the wheel by providing him the most wild side. Especially since, despite this character, it remains safe at all times and it never feels in danger aboard.

Next budget, the sports oval, displayed at € 30,750, is one of the most accessible of the class, what is more, it is a tradition at Ford, quite lavishly equipped. Finally, we perceive the benefit of the loss of the fifth cylinder when placing the pump, with consumption may fall below 9 l/100 km peaceful use (7.2 l/100 km in the combined cycle announced). Of course, this figure may rise briskly in intensive use, such as when our little energetic walking we reached an average of about 15 l/100 km.

You’ll understand this Focus may well be a “simple” ST, she showed us a very sympathetic character and our sporting trip proved ultimately very pleasing. Just have to pray that the Ford comes in a radical version RS, which is sure to be an exciting sport. If this is the case, we already have an idea of ​​the place in which we play .

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