Review: Asus Transformer Book T100

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It depends on how you look at it, the new crop of quad-core Intel Atom convertible Bay Path under Windows 8.1粒is an incredible value or they just netbook with detachable screen.

Are true, as we have learned ASUS Transformer Book T100, one of the first Windows 8.1 Bay Drive tablet with detachable keyboard, priced at only $ 46.21 to $ 399. For the price, you get the IPS, long battery life, the rays and the full version of Windows RT screen. Impressive, is not it? But this is the natural evolution of the Internet, which means that there is brilliant and cheap Tablet PC, you will have less speed Intel Core processor and some trivial matter of quality assurance.

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ASUS Transformer Book T100 is the most affordable computers bear the name of the transformer. The high-end ASUS Transformer Book TX300 shipped earlier this year, Intel Core i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge CPU and Full HD IPS display. Has well T300 is a follow-up should be delivered as soon as possible. T300 and TX300 is a tablet / ultrabook convertible premium price tag of more than 1000 U.S. dollars, so that the T100 is an affordable air to breathe. Sold for $ 399, you get 64 gig internal storage (we do not recommend $ 349 configuration, but there are 32 performances, leave your programs and files limited space) . It has the same design easy peel removable lock keyboard base and IPS screen out at a lower resolution of 1366 × 768. Tablet PC has a dual-band 802.11n wireless, Bluetooth 4.0, and 2 GB of DDR3 memory. It runs under Windows 8.1 to 32, because the BIOS llimits platform 32.

Build Quality and Design

Windows 8 Tablet PC favorite, there is a flat section 1.2 pounds more ports. There is a combo audio jack 3.5 mm, Micro USB charging port, a mini HDMI port and a micro SDXC card slot. The left side of the tablet has a volume control and the power button to higher voltage (held in landscape mode). Display and capacitive Windows button above 1.2MP Webcam life is at the bottom. Including the keyboard dock has a USB 3.0 port and the connector into the tablet normal size. The design is similar to the Asus Transformer Android Tablet PC with central dock connector and two pins side. Lock in the flat base and a single release tablets release button dock. As it is ‘ full of Windows , you can work with any Windows compatible devices including printers using the USB LTE USB modems and hard drives port, 3G/4G .

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Here is part of the Internet: it is a very low price compared to most convertible Tablet PC Windows, so that the product materials, design and function is not a high point. The back of the tablet PC is shiny gray plastic becomes dirty fingerprints in less than five minutes. It does not seem elegant, but it is strong enough. £ 1.2 keyboard dock (yes, it is!) Has a matte texture gray imitation brushed metal, so there is a complete mismatch between the two parties. General aspect of the Wal -Mart computer store charm.

Looks are not everything, especially if you are looking for value and can afford is quite expensive convertible Windows upscale. Tablet and dock feel strong and I do not want them to fall apart anytime soon. Hinges basic keyboard are stiff, conservative. You can dock a little bent, if you try, but it’s nothing extraordinary. The display or problems installing the homogeneous volume and power button on the PC tablet vibrates hunting.

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Even if everything is set up, it is not good enough, I feel the strong things, we are also concerned Asus sometimes called, quality control is low. Our micro SD card slot of the tablet PC does not read the card inserted every 10 (we tried a few cards). Our keyboard dock is defective, and a USB 3.0 and a trackpad work (badly, mostly working) port, the keyboard itself in equal sign cents, or simply stop keys to enter letters. Touchpad usually works, but sometimes it will stop recording click the taps, which is very annoying, because in physical trackpad clicker is very strong. We find that our model demonstration store, there are several quirks keyboard – if they got the bad batch, or if it is a broader issue. Because the Tablet PC is currently shipping, we will wait for the other buyers of the story, to see their pricing models. Our work has been replaced, but the inventory is rarely write this article.

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