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We all know that the BlackBerry is in a desperate situation, but it has not stopped the company from a thorn in the flagship smartphone. In many ways, the latest creation of the BlackBerry, Blackberry Z30, was to launch BlackBerry 10.

BB10 debut with the actual product, the higher the Z10, Z30 is probably the biggest, the most daring and the most advanced society gadgets. Unfortunately, this new effort to come to the Canadian way of mobile phone manufacturers too late. Arrived in the United States is just a carrier, the company Verizon, in November this year was $ 199.99, I am afraid that people would consider the iPhone and Android Z30 already transferred to the green pastures phones.

Of course, Z30 is convincing. Despite a 5 -inch touch screen , beautiful style and high-capacity battery , the device is relatively short competition. Specifically , Motorola Droid Maxx $ 199.99 and $ 199.99 Samsung Galaxy S4, since Android and Blackberry ecosystem uncertain future as a viable business increased force, Verizon better deal.


In typical rectangular tablet smartphone, at first glance, it was hard to say the Blackberry Z30 outside lookalike Android devices , the current market is flooded with the ocean. Set of black, silver accents , rounded, Z30 may have been the largest manufacturers of mobile phones produced today . Indeed , back soft-touch phone and the subtle interweaving Motorola Droid Maxx show striking similarities. This is a good thing, because I love Maxx nano- coating on the back and a general texture soft-touch phone .
The famous Blackberry logo , either on the back in the bottom front of the screen , the design of equipment, Waterloo , Ontario, Canada , far Z30 . Verizon is unable to resist slapping his name on the phone , that is above and behind the screen, but at least they are in a modest gray seals.

BB_Z30_peek_priority (5)

Sitting Z30 5-inch large screen at the top of the camera , 2.0 megapixel camera front , and the notification light red iconic BlackBerry . The left edge of the phone houses micro HDMI port and a micro -USB cable, and on the right you will find the play / pause and volume controls up and down . To complete the Z30 button group is the physical power button on the top, next to a 3.5mm headphone jack.

BB_Z30_peek_priority (6)

Blackberry Ensure touted Z30 noise cancellation capabilities , and the fact that its flagship phone has not just two , but four microphone array . Microphone phone rang, Z30 four edges , they added a powerful device , stereo speakers ( top and bottom) . In fact, the first time I turned on the application of pipe music and refine the sound system throughout the Z30 , I was shocked . Drivers of small phone can produce incredible high volume , the sound of the load more than you HTC One and Motorola Droid MAXX – who both muscle stereo speakers .


Z30 BlackBerry smartphones are the biggest screening. It comes with a large 5-inch screen HD 720p resolution , the company said , with the pixel density of 295 pixels per inch. Of course, this is far from being as strong as HTC and Samsung Galaxy S4, its Full HD screen has 468ppi and 441ppi , respectively, as the display. Nevertheless , it is actually huge compared to the previous display reaches Blackberry Z10 (4.2 inches) and BlackBerry Q10 ( 3.1 inches).

BB_Z30_peek_priority (2)

I must say, however, Z30 screen is not very bright. For example, the Motorola Droid Maxx, and if it has the same technology 720 HD resolution OLED screen brighter when displayed next to the Z30 . However, Z30 material advantages of OLED is that it has a high and wide viewing angles contrast.

Software and Interface

A bigger screen is not the only improvement you’ll find BlackBerry Z30 . Phone software has been updated . Z30 10.2 running the new BlackBerry operating system , which has some cool tricks up its sleeve. With gestures familiar Pique , allowing you to quickly check your mail and BlackBerry hub unified inbox , which began two BlackBerry 10 , there is a new concentrator function priority.
Centre will give priority to you and more attention both on Facebook , Twitter, e -mail or text, then see these conversations floating top priority hub. By default, the standards as a priority message marking is very simple. Hub priority given priority (hence the name) , have the same last name, your contacts or mark a very important conversation. The same applies to your new chosen extremely important . Just long press on the icon of priority ( up arrow indicates ) to accomplish this slap in the conversation inbox. You can enable or disable these settings priority poles you see fit.

BB_Z30_peek_priority (1)

It seems that every OS is an important notice fever , 10.2 Blackberry is no exception . As Apple iOS 7, now new BB preview 10.2, because they hit your mobile phone. Whether you happen to be an application or set the window open , a new notification appears on top of the thin top of the screen.
Use these notifications to read the entire contents of the response message and full screen mode. Play an “x ” icon in the notification in the preview will be completely closed down. In order to quickly handle calls , a new feature called priority call , you will receive Caller ID notification, and then either accept , dismissal, or canned response reply . BlackBerry Messenger alerts own internal , reactions so that you do not have to shoot you now see the application or menu offers additional options.
For all the efforts of the BlackBerry , the smartphone platform to life, it can not cover the lack of many popular applications, reached its virtual store shelves . Of course , most of the major players BB10 found a home , such as Facebook , Twitter and Flipboard ‘ S. Instagram photo sharing services available, but not my choice , the current application Pocketcast Podcasting .


I know there are many followers of the true BlackBerry lamented the lack of a physical keyboard Z30 . Even so , there is abandonment key tangible years someone knocked on messages glass panel , the keyboard software Z30 is one of the best I ‘ve ever used. A larger screen makes typing more comfortable than the Z10 little , I also appreciate BB10 impressive predictive text capabilities .

BB_Z30_peek_priority (4)

Can learn anything , you are likely to work over time , the phone also offers a practical recommendation letter from your fingers and eyes, have to go. Push your finger up predictive text for the message body . Z30 also done an admirable job and accurately detect what keys I hit . The end result is that this gadget allows me to type quickly , struggling not too many mistakes.

Basic Components

Powered Z30 software is decent Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.7GHz quad-core processor and graphics Adreno Bibi . It’s the same thing , Motorola Droid Maxx and Moto Android handsets.This engine mount CPU 2GB backup RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. As I mentioned before, Z30 is also equipped with additional storage space with microSD card slot .


If you are familiar with the BlackBerry device on Z10 and Q10, Z30 offers many surprises. This is because the Z30 uses the same 800-megapixel sensor and LED flash combination , like its predecessors . The unit is also equipped with the most applications are the same scene modes and editing options Blackberry BB10 device comes .

BB_Z30_peek_priority (7)

For example, “Time Shift” function requires several pictures once , so you can choose the best. Designed primarily for group photos agitated person , people phone in efforts to seek face . Then you can click on the highlighted cup (described in the box) and a bottom sliding the virtual button on the screen . This transfer of the action in time, so you can choose a problem when a person’s face , or looking at the camera and not blink .

BB_Z30_peek_priority (1)

Blackberry has added HDR mode, a function of a large number of camera phones today’s deal , which uses Z30 backlit sensor against the light to illuminate the shadow detail . In addition, there are other four scene modes to choose from, such as mobile telephony , whiteboard (very pragmatic , so mature ) , at night, the beach or snow.

BB_Z30_peek_priority (3)

Other options include the effects of hand-shake stabilization streamline and burst , continuous trigger the shutter to capture several images in rapid succession. Z30 captured images through a variety of filters , capacities , including black and white, LOMO , antique, 1960 examples of treatment. You can also sew the captured video with you the history of the application of Maker. History Maker allows users to create custom compilation of photographs and slides of their chosen track.
However, despite all the fancy editing features, I have not been impressed with the Z30 I took the quality of the original image. Open indoor shot a brilliant low details, unless I have a proper lighting . In addition, the photo shoot fast moving objects , the interior often seems vague and crisp.

Data Transfer Rate

Unfortunately , I often relies on data to measure application Ookla speed test performance is not available in BlackBerry App World Store. I did not find any other third party applications , network speed test (NST ) , reported data transfer speeds that Verizon 4G LTE signal . In New York, where I tested the Blackberry Z30 , NST clocked average download speed of less than 1Mbps ( 0.9Kbps ) slow LTE results.
Download prison, but also with their applications to measure the average 1Mbps . Instead, in the Droid Maxx 10 times the data rate ( 10.5Mbps average) slightly more flexible cloud suction rate 6Mbps button. Of course, I used Ookla Maxx application to test and can not say with certainty if the result is reliable solutions NST even comparable .

Tests in the real world by downloading a 2.6MB application is not warm quickly. In the world showcase BlackBerry , I just finished a long 24.9 seconds in the process, not to mention the time it takes to install the software.


Blackberry Z30 performance one of the highlights , and the call quality is its long running time. Blackberry boasts 2880 mAh Z30 has 25 hours of mixing . This includes voice calls, plus audio and video playback. I knew this interesting test jived and longevity. Z30 has a full charge and bright early morning , keeping his charge through the work a full day and then overnight , and then through the next day at the office , I had to be recharged in the afternoon afternoon.



This is not rocket science , BlackBerry mobile consumers numbered days . However, I was very excited when Z30 landed on my desk. You see, I was too loyal Blackberry conversion of disgruntled refugees suddenly a terrible Windows Mobile 6 operating system. On the way back , and then I sing my praises replacement BlackBerry Pearl . Then came Android seduce me with its charm, namely the power and customization. That said, I have a serious BlackBerry ( perhaps never ) a place in my heart . That is why my time with Z30 was particularly poignant.

Z30 , I see all the commitments initially BlackBerry platform. If this phone has started two , maybe three years ago , model smart phones today is a very different place . I mean, imagine if the official BB10 device Z30 , Z10 not so impressive , and launched in early 2010 . I know I personally will not make a full Android. It will also help if the Z30 is not only sold in the United States by Verizon.

In this case , however, even if its enhanced messaging and notification features , $ 199.99 Z30 can not exceed become a modern smartphone. For the same $ 200 price tag, battery Motorola Droid Maxx is Z30 , as well as access to Google services ( not to mention a large number of third party applications) worldwide . $ 199.99 Samsung Galaxy S4, whiz- bang software Samsung also provides all that you can shake a stick. This is why it makes sense Z30 absolute commitment , or lock in , the Blackberry brand .

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