PS4 – Xbox One, The Long-Awaited Duel

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The two competing consoles came out a week apart. For ten days we test and here is our verdict.

They are new, they are powerful and technically very close. PS4 and Xbox are very similar: same hard drive capacity (500 GB), even physical media (Blu-Ray). So how to choose? Answer: On the details.


The general appearance

Game console throne in sight, near the TV, usually in the lounge, and it may seem high, the appearance of a machine is important not to detonate in your home. We will not lie: One Xbox is aesthetically missed. Very impressive, it succeeds in showing us what might look like a box internet 90s, with its half plastic grid and the other painted. The PS4 has the merit of a particular design with bevelled angles and the effect of blue light. First, the PS4 is, but we will return for convenience, since the first few uses, it gropes on the front and a little random stupidly, looking buttons (touch) on / off and eject.

The first few minutes

Both consoles have a common point to start: they require an update. Yes, in 2013, when a high-tech product comes on the market, it is outdated. If the PS4, it is not mandatory to play, this is the case on Xbox One. It is therefore necessary to connect at least once console Microsoft Internet to be able to use … Fortunately both software downloads are fast, and even with an average connection.

Recovering old accounts PSN and Xbox Live takes place just as easily on either console. You enter his username and password and found a few seconds his friends, success and list of games PS3 and Xbox 360. It may be a little longer on PS4 requesting the user’s real name and address.

Menu and interface

This is part of the elements that we scrutinize each new release. This time, interfaces consoles incorporate the same terms as existing models: simple and effective

Xbox One retains the spirit of the square thumbnails come from Windows 8 which 360 had already inherited last year. Users or not Microsoft, you will not be lost. We can easily make in different branches and the player can even choose which applications to shortcut. There are the parameters to look for in the tree.

Xbox One handles multitasking and handles well. The player can “dock” application right of the screen to navigate the menu or to view the result of his football match in full video game party. In this way, the screen is divided into two main application keeps the larger space, and the sound is turned down to hear everything.

Big plus Xbox One, she has a voice command. Xbox One lights – If it is in standby – turns off and control voice entirely. This requires a minimum of quiet (do not expect to shine at your dinner unless you ask your guests not to talk during the demonstration) and especially learning commands, not always logical. Although imperfect, this function is great.

Teams have worked extensively PlayStation interface PS4 and it feels. If appearance, menu PS4 is very close to that of the PS3, it has nothing to do. Much faster than on PS3, players can now go see the profile of their friends or trophies without providing spend the evening there. The tree is up and down and goes smoothly an icon, square and aligned to each other. It is simple and very well thought out.

To believe that the two manufacturers are consulted before thinking their new machine. The match is a draw between the two devices control PS4 and Xbox One, as the two handles are excellent. Revised slightly in appearance, both accessories are actually improved their predecessor versions. It is played on details, such as strength of triggers or positioning of the thumb on the analog sticks, but we really have to deal with two top handles in the history of video games. Special mention to the Xbox One and Double vibration motor in the handle which offers extraordinary sensations, especially in racing games. The Share button on the joystick PS4 is predicted to a great future. The touchpad PS4 is the only question of this generation of controller. He must be highlighted by the game developers or it will fall into irrelevance.

A word on Kinect, which is incorporated into the basic model of the Microsoft console. Yet its main use is voice recognition. From the configuration of the attachment, there is still big differences with the old model. Kinect 2 needs less recoil and the captured image is much sharper. To follow in real games this time.

Services and connectivity

Internet connectivity is not required to play, but a connection is required to enjoy the new features of the consoles.

At Microsoft, we have already provided a festival applications such as Skype is an ambassador of choice. In fact, the Xbox Live account can now be linked to that of Skype and as the console comes with the Kinect camera is very easy to start a conversation with their contacts.

Microsoft already provides for the transfer trade agreements 360 on his TV One. Pluzz of France Télévisions is already available until other (Canal +, Orange …). It is also possible to receive TV on the Xbox One directly connecting the HDMI port on your box to your console. Convenient to have only one box connected to the TV, but not revolutionary.

At Sony, the emphasis is on social networks. Upon registration PSN, the console offers you link your account with Facebook. Streaming video games is easy, with broadcasters Ustream and Twitch included in the “PlayStation Live” tab. With the share button on the joystick, the player can record and broadcast his own party to his friends or the entire world. Connection with the PS Vita will also be a force for the PS4, since the portable console can be used for the main screen PS4. It may therefore play its games on its PS4 PS Vita, as long as we stay on the same WiFi network and the PS4 is on.

To play online and enjoy all the services connected, it will now pay a subscription on each console. This was the case on the Xbox 360, while the online game was free on PS3 is now effective on PS4 and Xbox One. Count 60 euros for a year of Xbox Live (20 for 3 months) and 50 euros for a year of PlayStation Plus (15 euros for 3 months, 7 euros for a month).

On both consoles, offers VOD and music are available with a subscription. Similarly, both machines offer mobile and tablet apps to no longer release the two communities. This is SmartGlass for Xbox and PlayStation One App for PS4.

Games and Installation

It became a habit, or a plague, it is claimed, today’s consoles: Installation interminable games. And it is now mandatory on both new generation consoles.

PS4 on the game starts just minutes after being inserted into the console. The installation as updates are performed in the background. So fast that fails the installation.

Xbox One, it is not necessary to wait for the full installation to play, but unfortunately this startup often seems too long. Allow between 15 and 40 minutes depending on the game, it is not insurmountable, but it must be provided.

Everyone expects this new generation of advanced graphics impressive, so what about? Games launch are beautiful and some titles as KillZone (PS4) and Ryse (Xbox One) are figures of technical demonstration of capabilities of consoles. But the gap is much less significant than the transition between the previous generations. We still amaze the crowd management, lighting effects or the fluidity of images ever taken by surprise: the rendering is amazing. Especially it should be remembered that we are still in the introductory period of consoles and if the developers are working on machines for several months, they do not yet fully mastered. The titles of next year will be no doubt very impressive graphically.

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