PS4: Sony Believes that the Console will sell Faster than the PlayStation 3

Posted on Sep 21 2013 - 8:43am by Admin

VIDEO GAMES – The boss of Sony Computer Entertainment plans to sell 5 million copies worldwide by the end of March 2014.

Japanese electronics giant Sony said Thursday it plans to sell 5 million copies of its new PlayStation 4 (PS4) worldwide by the end of March 2014.


This is the first time that Sony appears this ambition revealed by Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andrew House, a conference room in the Tokyo Game Show, which runs until Sunday in the suburbs of the Japanese capital. “We are hopeful that this is our best launch of PlayStation” Andrew had told the House last week to a few journalists.

Larger than the Xbox One sales PS4, Analysts

PlayStation will be launched on November 15 in the United States and Europe on November 29, a week after the launch of its great rival, the Microsoft Xbox One. In the match that will oppose analysts Futuresource believe that sales of the PS4 in the world will exceed those of the Xbox One for five years . According to them, in 2018, the PS4 will have sold 36 million against 30 million units for the Xbox One. The PS4 will benefit from its leading status in the Japanese and European markets. The United States and Great Britain, the price lower than the Xbox One and communication mistakes Microsoft could see nibbling market share to its competitor.

77 Million Copies for the PS3

The PlayStation 4 is launched seven years after the PS3 has been very successful over time, but had made an initial score lower than expected for the PS4. From November 2006, the date of its launch date, and March 2007, 3.6 million PS3 were sold. But eventually the Playstation 3 had sold over 77 million copies, almost as much as the Xbox 360, which will succeed the Xbox One.

THE PS4 Late in Japan

Sony believes that the key to a good start for a console is in the range of games available at the output, hence the decision to postpone the sale in Japan for all securities flagship wanted to be ready. The PS4 will arrive in stores until the end of February 2014 in Japan, because of delays in game development, but it will have little impact on sales hoped, according to Andrew House.

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