Private Budget – The U.S. Government Suspends Normal Operations

Posted on Oct 1 2013 - 6:13am by Admin

More than 800,000 officials will find themselves forced leave without balances as of this morning, Congress failed to pass a budget before the deadline due to irreconcilable positions.

Tuesday morning America is not paralyzed, even if more than a third of its employees are without pay and furlough. The federal government employs 2.9 million employees out of a total population of 316 million Americans, but the country is particularly humiliated by the inability of its political system to perform its primary mission : pass a budget.

Obama Budget Battle

After several weeks of legislative ping-pong sterile, some 800,000 officials find themselves laid off. They will remain until the Republican and Democratic leaders produce a compromise on temporary federal funding. The thing could take a few hours or several days. More trainera it more financial markets will worry, and the American public is désespèrera the inability of its elected government.

In recent days the Democrats, minority in the House of Representatives but the Senate majority, remained united behind President Obama . They rejected all proposals for “mini budget” of the lower house because they were subject to conditions that are unacceptable.

The weight of the Newly Elected Tea Party

Under the influence of the newly elected Tea Party, the House Republicans wanted to condition the state funding to a partial suspension of the health care reform passed in 2010. They also voted to symbolically eliminate subsidies that members of Congress had agreed for their own health insurance. In their eyes the law requiring Americans to purchase a health insurance represents an unacceptable intrusion into the lives of citizens and the beginning of a “nationalized medicine” capable of stopping public finances for ages. All means they look good to block this reform.

Their tactic at the moment is a complete failure. Despite the warnings of more moderate and especially more experienced Republican John Boehner as their leader, the Tea Party seems pushed into a corner. Disputed right by his troops, the “Speaker” looking for a way out. It proposes to the Senate to appoint a joint committee to negotiate a compromise. But the Democratic leader of the Upper House, Harry Reid, does not fall into the trap. He continues to insist on prior vote a form of state funding, before eventually discuss something else. “I do not negotiate with a gun to his head,” explained the night the senator from Nevada.

The challenge for Democrats is that the Republicans front will eventually crack and a “resolution of renewal” unconditionally will ultimately accepted by a majority of conservatives. President Obama phoned late yesterday afternoon to congressional leaders, including John Boehner, just waiting for it.

For the moment, however, many federal government departments will remain closed. For all the daily lives of Americans will hardly be affected, except in Washington and in the region. Thus 400,000 civilians employed by the Pentagon, but also 69% of employees of the Department of Energy or 80% of the Treasury staff find themselves forced leave without pay.

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