Pope Francis Defends “Traditional Family”

Posted on Feb 20 2014 - 1:15pm by Admin

Thursday morning , the Pope summoned all the cardinals in Rome to reflect on issues related to the family. The pontiff did not hint of significant change .

The text is short but the axis is very clear . Thursday morning by introducing the two-day retreat that the Pope wishes to pursue with all his cardinals gathered in Rome to prepare for the Synod on the family and discuss possible changes in Catholic doctrine , including the divorced and remarried , Pope Francis cut short speculation and willingly gave a very classical orientation in these exchanges.

“During these days , we will reflect in particular on the family, which is the basic unit of human society, ” said the Pope. Based on the Bible explained it this way: “From the beginning , the Creator has placed his blessing upon the man and woman to be fruitful and they multiply on the earth, and so the family represents the world as a reflection of God, One and Triune . ”

This ” Triune ” reference that Pope Francis uses is very old. It is linked to the Christian vision of God therefore ” Trinity” “Father , Son and Holy Spirit.” Strongly opposed by Islam and doubted by Judaism, it is a key of Catholic theology which emphasizes the concept of ” communion of love ” between these “divine persons” who would so the image and model “communion of love” to live the family members .

This theological principle laid Pope then made this recommendation to the cardinal : ” Our thinking will always remember the beauty of family and marriage , the magnitude of this human reality at once so simple and so rich , made of joys and hopes , sorrows and sufferings , like a lifetime. ”
a ” casuistry ” excluded

For possible future developments Pope Francis has excluded the use of ” casuistry ” is however the hallmark of the Jesuits. The ” casuistry ” is actually to apply the principles , case by case , depending on each situation leaves to assume contradictions. ” We will seek to deepen the theology and pastoral family that we have implemented in the current conditions. Let’s do it , asked Francis, in depth and without falling into the ” casuistry ” , because it would inevitably reduce the level of our work. ”

Finally, Francis and launches consultation 185 cardinals convened specially to Rome, has hinted that he wants to defend what is called today a “traditional” family vision. He has drawn praise because he considers at risk : “The family is now deprecated , it is abused , and what is required of us is to recognize how it is beautiful, good and true to form a family, being a family today, how it is essential for the life of the world , for the future of humanity. We are asked to highlight the light God’s plan for the family and help the spouses to live with joy in their lives , assisting them with great difficulty . “

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