Poll Taxes, Merkel Depression in PS

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The growing unpopularity of the Head of State, the tax ras-le-bol and clear victory for German Chancellor alimententles concerns of socialist politicians.


The figure slap:. 23% Francois Hollande is not, since Sunday, as a point of record unpopularity held by François Mitterrand in 1991 with 22% of good opinions in the barometer FIFG for the JDD. And to add a further blow to the morale of the left, the same day, Angela Merkel was triumphantly re-elected in Germany, beating hands down the German SPD. Two bad news came to crown the deathly tax sequence for the executive, accused by the right and even a part of the left of bidding in the matter and not to attack only “the rich” as planned in the program the candidate Holland but the middle classes. It is now the moral socialists is reached. And then what are the open parliamentary days of PS in Bordeaux, MPs and senators are socialists seized by doubt.

“Between Syria and taxes, it is not surprising that landed in the opinion. The Minister of Economy was wrong about tax ras-le-bol, it is not its role, “says a Parliamentary majority. Another member is more fierce, “This is especially when the odds are rising that it surprised me. It must be because of the summer, because the French were on vacation … “

MPs are worried while looming municipal elections where the PS has a lot to lose. “Tax ads every day, it becomes very anxiety,” he pointed out a few days ago the deputy PS Christian Paul, a representative of the Left sustainable . The popular Left , which brings together elected socialists and environmentalists, asked the government to reconsider several budget measures in 2014 and even calls for the defense of purchasing power.

Anne Hidalgo , PS candidate for mayor of Paris, ruled Monday that the government had gone “too far” in tax increases that “interfere with the middle classes” and called in turn “a break on it.” According to her, “the French do not understand what is happening. There are sometimes conflicting messages. The tax issue must be taken more seriously. ” PS candidate and still drives the point by recalling his campaign promise: “In Paris, I announced that there will be no tax increases on the next term. I promise “Meanwhile,. Manuel Valls tries to calm his friends: “The president does not seek popularity, he wants to rehabilitate the country,” says the Minister of the Interior.

“What’s the Plan?”

If Holland is the lowest in the polls, in Germany, the Chancellor came in right after the third time of his opponents on the left. Not impressed with this victory, the French Socialists have asked Holland return to the offensive against Germany to influence European policy. Hardly known results, Harlem Désir and ensured that the PS had to continue “with the government and the president’s efforts to reorient with the progressive forces of the continent of Europe to the major priorities of the employment, growth and social justice. ” Clearly, ask Merkel out of the logic “austéritaire” the Socialists accuse him of having imposed on Europe. According to Arnaud Montebourg , which does not carry the German model in his heart, “shared responsibility we have is to redirect Europe.”

The problem is just that much of the electoral triumph of the Chancellor is related to the austerity that accuse him as the Socialists. And had nearly triggered an incident between Holland and Merkel when the PS had published a text in which he lambasted the “selfish intransigence” of the “Chancellor of austerity.” When the polls gave him reason, difficult for the PS to be heard.

“Now that Merkel is politically strengthened, what’s the plan? We are still waiting and finally assumes a confrontation? “Questioned the PS deputy of the French from abroad, Pouria Amirshahi. It is left to the PS, we do not always succeed in despair impose Germany more social measures. But it is triumphant, victory Angela Merkel still imposes an alliance to govern. For socialists, we hope it will be with the SPD. “Perhaps a grand coalition with the SPD weight (…) will fit into the German political elements that are in conjunction with those that we carry on the French stage,” and hope the Minister for European Affairs Thierry Repentin.

Senior Vice President of PES, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis summarizes the issue: “. CDU is politically and economically constrained and European elections offer the chance to propel a social democrat as President of the Commission” It will be that ‘in May 2014, after the European, the balance of power between France and Germany will truly established.

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