Pogba king Middle

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Particularly at ease in an environment with three skimmers, Paul Pogba has met the expectations placed on it, ruling the midfield tricolor and taking its job of first runner.


Paul Pogba vindicated Didier Deschamps. Eager to see the Turin move higher on Friday, the young middle of the Juve have been one of the few to float in the doldrums of Kiev, the tricolor coach has swapped effect Tuesday, his usual 4-2-3 – 1 for a 4-3-3 giving more freedom to the former Manchester United. Because with Yoan Cabaye and Blaise Matuidi to him, the first taking the role of sentinel before the defense Pogba could play closer to the surface and bring Ukrainian presence in the offensive movements.

The success has not always been the appointment as this hits triggered the edge of the area when he was in an ideal position (26th), passing the ball over the goal Pyatov, or the Many heads off target on set pieces. However, Didier Deschamps was not choosy at the end of the meeting, the former captain of the Blues having particularly enjoyed the slaughter of his midfield and his contribution to the direction of the game “Paul (Pogba) is one of very interesting young players because it happens to combine the athletic presence, power and a beautiful technique, explained the coach of the Blues, he likes to go before it is as good defensively even if it needs to progress on this aspect. This is a warrior with a good mindset. It has everything you need. “

Already the first, in the first leg, to give voice to harangue his teammates while the tricolor vessel was taking on water, Pogba has yet multiplied encouragement throughout the game. And was one of the most active in the celebration of the qualification.

For a year after he was elected best player of the World Cup Under-20 won last summer by the Blues, the Turin will discover the many people in Brazil. Young and middle to savor. “Here, I’ll play the real, Brazil and more, this is only happiness. This is a dream come true, it’s fantastic. I have no word to say what I feel. “

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