Pension Reform: How the Socialists will Soften the Bill

Posted on Oct 7 2013 - 9:34am by Admin

Despite this initial reform carried out by a socialist executive, France will remain a European exception pensions.

PS deputies, who will floor all week on the Touraine Reform, will have only a small amendment rights. If they will not burden the bill in the short term, they hope to impose their views on the longer term. In the end, the measures they advocate certainly lengthen the note. Inventory.


• Consider Courses in the Calculation of Pensions.

It is a persistent demand of socialist deputies: the inclusion of training periods in the pension calculation. “Parliamentarians want to pay better attention at certain times of course. We will find a solution. But if not trivialize internships, “conceded Sunday Marisol Touraine in the JDD. It would, says on parliamentary sources, taking into account the training completed by the students during their three or five years of study, but not beyond.

• Propose Retirement After 59 Years at Hard Labor.

Members should particularly focus on amending the “personal account of hardship.” This system, based on cumulative points based on exposure periods, was designed by the government to grant employees who endured difficult working situations periods of training, part-time in retirement and especially a departure early retirement. In committee, MEPs expanded the right to cease operations at the age of 59 years. The Socialists also considering elected to be more generous to employees who are close to retirement when the account comes into force in 2015. Including doubling the number of points earned in 52 years at that time, against 57 years provided by the government. Recompense for past periods of hard work, technically untraceable today. Therefore, an additional five generations will leave about a year and a half earlier than planned retirement.

• Redistribute Surplus to Needy Pensioners.

Members enrolled in the text that future financial surpluses – if any – generated by the pension system will not go clean up the debt but will be used “primarily for the benefit of the purchasing power of the poorest pensioners “.

• Soften the Takeover by the State Pension Fund Professionals.

The State intends to oversee pension Liberal far managed considerable autonomy by the professions themselves. Faced with the revolt caused by this decision, the government is currently reviewing its copy. The Director of the National Insurance pension professionals, to be appointed directly by the state, could ultimately be chosen by the Board of Directors of the Fund from a list of three names put forward by the government.

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